new grow REALLY need help..

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  1. this is my first acuall grow myself i have helped in 2 harvest before been here for he whole lower veg d clone proccess bu i just transplanted my plants after 5 weeks exactly of being outside now thre on 24hours of light uder 1 t5 2' singlle bulb gettign 2 more and huge cfl wih ballast an everything but tht will be end o this nd next week will post pics soon of wha i go bu its like abou 15 plnts they look ok but leaves are yellowing and a tiny bit and one just looks super droopy :eek:
  2. Might be just a bit of transplant shock. I assume you are not under watering and seeing droop, if I am wrong, water them.
  3. idk about things hat might help out in knowing i goa work but ill be on later and eedback could help me im using fox farm veg formula and they were outside pkanted on st patricks day from ashtray t ground was 30 now heres 24 left tansplanted about 18-20 in pots in a circle and ther under one single t5 right now they were in sand bu now in soil wasn really carefull ransplanting them.,..

  4. lol well i kinda over watered them with 1 teaspoon to a gallon saw dripp out the bottom was told too since they would be shoced they would jsut use the nutrients and be n shock a lil
  5. last nght the one was suppppperr droopy and i did over water them but they were all hooked at the roots in the sand i pulled hem 1 by 1 or by 3's and poked a hole and slid them in then waterd them put um under light 24 hrs
  6. this is when they were outside ill post more later of the room

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  7. updae super droopy plant super perkky but 1 leafe and stem is dried and witherd
  8. update: dooing ood some leaves are yellow soils damp but waering hem every 3 days
  9. my baby's are looking good about 10 days after transplant here are the pics please leave feedbacck on what i might need or what you think i should doo to help my baby's grow not ver experienced but read more than everything on the net heres my first run seems to be going fine i know i need a lil more light and a hps for when i flower but for now while im waiting on paychecks :D lol1tf 24w and 1 24w cfl on about 15 plants in 2 3-5 gallon containers waterd about once ever 4 days or so soils still damp afraid to over water or nute burn cause using fox farms veg nute.. 1tsp to a gallon.. thats where the new pics are chekc them out and leme know what you think sorry wouldnt leme post them i my journle takes me forever to find haha..

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