new grow project HELP! please

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by laplaga09, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. 420 Everyone,
    Im looking to transform an old kitchen cabinet of mine into a grow box. The measurements are 4'x4'x4.5'. I was interested in knowing if anyone had any suggestions on what equipment i could use to maximize the potential of this space. Im starting with some big budx widow clones. Im gonna try to upload pics of the cabinet to give you gus a better idea. Im planning to use flourescent bulbs in combination with hps bulbs.
  2. You can turn that into a grow cab easy, you could use the bottom as a veg room, and the top as the flowering room, if you had the space down there.

    But as long as you get a decent exhaust fan to push out the warm air, you could probably put a 250-400w hps, again you def need to exhaust the hot air and bring in cooler air, but you could make it work easy. Also paint the interior either white, or put up some mylar and you're good.
  3. I would cut a hole in the upper and use the entire space for the plant.

    Use the hole to hold whatever container you are gonna use.
  4. what i really want to know is how many plants i can fit on height 40.5 length 32.5 and width is 19.5, also what requirements i need to make the best out of this space

  5. 2 maybe.
  6. can i make them small
  7. Hi...had a chance to take a look at your space you want to use...its usable...but not for much head room for a stretching have plenty of space for a scrog though which will help you maximize your light print possibly contributing to more yield...if you are considering hps for that probably go 150hps and a as many twistie floros you can pack in...have you figured out if you are going soil, soiless or dwc?
  8. i was thinkin goin soil but wat u think will b best
  9. soil is cool...any hydro set up will just take up space... ive seen some auto flower plants stay real short with nice bud production...or maybe you could just flip them to 12&12 when they are like 8"

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