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new grow project, (2) 150 watt hps

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by 666MadDog420, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. hi all, i ordered 9 purple widows seeds and 1 feminized blueberry-ryder seed and i am going to be updating you guys with my grow.

    I have (3) 32 watt cfl's and (1) 42 watt cfl with a 150 watt hps and soon to be growing with my second in a couple weeks...

    i will be updating soon,

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  2. all the other plants are doing great except 1 purple widow seedling, which is not growing at all. The second set of leaves are just staying the same size, idk whats wrong with it. Its really dark green and has barely any yellow on it. i don't think its over-watering or under-watering because it got soaked for a few days ago and now the soil has been completely dry since yesterday. so idk lol maybe it has some sort of midget syndrome haha.
  3. all the other plants are almost twice the size than the one that is not growing, the third second set of leaves will just not develop. i waited to the soil was really dry and then i watered and still no luck. maybe its just a bad seed...
  4. im not a pro and my girls are just 9 days old, but the first thing everyone is going to ask you is, whats your pH? if its too low or high the plant may not be taking any of the nutrients in the soil
  5. yea thanks for replying bro and yea thts a good idea, but i just ordered a ph control kit right now so ill know soon haha. all the other plants are doing great, i kno its not the best, but for now im using MG soil but when i transplant im gonna go pick up some organic soil.
  6. yea i used mg for like a day and transplanted to ffof, i only had one in the MG and its by far the weakest one right now despite beign a week older than her sisters. I would stay away from MG at all costs
  7. yeah bro i see what you mean. Does lowes or home depot sell foxfarm soil or some other good organic soils?
  8. no you gotta look for the nearest hydro store, you can find it cheaper online but not after shipping because shipping a bag of soil is expensive.
  9. here is what a local hydro store has.

    Organic Soils

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

    100% organic blend of fish meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, composted forest humus and select peat moss. Our customers LOVE this stuff!

    • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, 1.5 cubic ft bag, $21.99
    • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, 12 quart, $7.99
    Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil

    100% organic blend of select peat moss, perlite, earthworm castings, forest humus, bat guano, humic acids and beneficial microbes.

    • Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil, 2 cubic ft. bag, $21.99
    • Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil, 12 quart, $6.99
    Fox Farm Light Warrior Grow Medium

    The ultimate grow medium for seed starting and transplanting and it isn't just a grow medium--packed with beneficial microbes to stimulate root growth and enhance fertilizer uptake, humic acid to help in seed germination and earthworm castings to help plants thrive.

    • Fox Farm Light Warrior, 1 cubic ft, $21.99
    Black Gold Organic Potting Soil

    A blend of worm castings, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, bat guano, bone meal, blood meal, algit kelp, perlite, pumice, and other natural ingredients.

    • Black Gold Organic Potting Soil, 2 cubic ft. bag...$13.99
    Organic Compost

    TTP Supreme Compost

    TTP Supreme Compost is made entirely with farm grown products plus carefully selected products harvested from safe organic sources. Absolutely no cattle manure from dairies or city biosolids are ever used. The composting process is designed for complete quality control, so no weed seed, rocks, sand or other non-compost objects can accidentally be introduced into the product.

    • TTP Supreme Compost, 5 gallons...$8.99
    Soilless Mixes

    Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix

    Fertilome contains peat moss, abundant perlite, a wetting agent, and slow-release humates (humic acids) to promote healthy roots and vibrant, fast-growing plants. The texture is smooth and consistent.

    • Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix, 3.0 cubic ft...$19.99
    • Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix, 10 quarts...$7.99
    Botanicare Ready-gro

    Ready-Gro Soilless Organic-Based Grow Media is a premium and select blend of all natural and organic ingredients containing an optimum air to water ratio for superior growth rates and yields compared to conventional potting soils. Made from coir fiber, perlite, pumice stone, earthworm castings, agrimineral 76 silica clay, seaweed meal, seaweed concentrate, leonardite ore, organic compost, trichoderma fungi, mycorrhizae fungi, and organic root innoculants. We stock the Mosture Formula (1-2 waterings daily), giving plants enhanced moisture ontent for longer duration in between feeding and more pumice stones to help anchor large plants.

    • Botanicare Ready-Gro Moisture Formula, 1.5cf, $21.99
    Metro Mix 360 Soil

    A sterile blend of peat moss, vermiculite, granite sand, and bark ash. It is a favorite of professional growers.

    • Metro Mix 360 Soil, 2.8 cubic ft...$21.99

    which soil should i get?
  10. Fox farm ocean forest
  11. okay thanks bro, ill be posting a update when i transplant
  12. heres week 2, still no growth on that one seedling.

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  13. bc its purple widow im assuming its an indica and thas why they are all so short, or maybe somethings wrong with my grow, look at my sig for pics, yesterday was exactly 2 weeks and ill be posting new pics tonight. Im also under a 150 hps for the time being
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    well heres another quick update, due to the installment of the 2nd 150 hps.
    will be updating soon with more pics...
    The midget plant is nice and green looking but its smaller than crap! it growing little leaves everywhere but the plant is 1 inch tall lol. i checked the ph of the soil, and it came out to be around 6.8.
    and heres 2 1/2 weeks:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

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  15. hahaha that midget one is hilarious, keep it coming big mane
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    and heres the midget, it has a lil yellow on the bottom leaves but hey its a midget, its gona have problems hahaha.
    im just gona keep it alive, we'll see wht happens lol.:smoking:
    oh and for the temperature of the room, when i get home from work, the temp is around 85F but as soon as i open the door, the temp goes down. im planning on adding a vent like in a bathroom, so we'll also see how tht goes too ha.

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  17. are you in the fox farm yet? and what about fans ?
  18. theres 2 fans and the stems are getting thick, dont worry i know what im doing lol. and no i did not get the Fox farm yet. i might when i transplant tho its gona be very expensive to fill atleast (4) 5 gallon pots.
  19. heres another update on week 3!

    i got 22 gallons of FFOF, (4) 5 GALLON POTS and a huge bag of PERLITE.

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  20. i just had to pick out 7 males :mad::devious::( and plant 5 bagseed seeds which was pretty good bud, so we will seee how tht goes now. the remainder 3 plants have nothing on the inner nodes soo, we shall see wht happens next

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