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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jrrtokin, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. hi everyone, I'm 2 weeks in to my second grow under HPS. I have 5 plants at various stages, as I didn't pre-germinate, but the two largest plants have started getting brown spots on a couple of leaves. With so much healthy growth, it seems weird. It also always seems to be the middle leaf of the fan.

    Any idea what is causing this, it never happened to me before...


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  4. Looks like you have a small nutrient problem.What are you using for nutes?
  5. hm i thought it was lights were too close?
  6. not using nutes at all at the moment, as am only in the third week of growing, but you could be right. On the light being too close, I was told 1cm per 10 watts, so my 250w is about 30cm away guessing, but I did move it even higher, 'cos that's what I thought too - it's getting worse though...

    If it was the light being too close, how come the top leaves are fine, and the bottom ones are dying? I had this sort of symptom on my last grow when I over did the ferts, this time I've used none and am not much better off. the plants as a whole seem fine, just the odd leaf is brown (4 on one plant and 2 on another, others clear so far - but it is spreading), but some of them are going kind of crispy as well - god knows. Might just wait and see how it turns out, but would like to fix it if anyone has ideas...

    cheers for the input - i might try throwing some miracle grow in one of them, see what happens... even though I vowed never to use it again

  7. I think if it was the lights the edges of the leaves would burn first.Plus like you said,it`s the lower leaves.The top leaves would burn first.
  8. looked on the overgrow plant abuse page, and the pictures look a bit like a magnesium deficiency, but I don't know how likely that is.... any other ideas? The whole leaf seems to get gradually taken over by brown, and then crisps up dry - only the central one in the fan, and only the lower leaves...



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