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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xavier_s37, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. hi all,
    im brand new here and have not had the most experience growing herb. grew for about a year 8 yrs ago never really had alot of yeild so i stopped (it was due to my stupidity, closet grow, no circulation, no ph tests, 400w metal halide, MG timed release soil). none the less i have come to the point where i have access to many types of lights. ive aquired 4 100w HPS lights over the last couple of months so im gonna start growing again with all that ive learned from this forum (LST, organic soil, Ph testers, air circulation, ect) now ive got a couple of questions that hopefully one of the more experienced growers can answer....

    1 - how many more lights should i get? i dont really have any more access to HPS, but can get some metal halide (prob up to 150w per ballast) and can get CFL's all day long (up to 42W dual bulb ballasts) any suggestions? EDIT:getting 175W metal halide and 2 42W dual bulb CFL set for clones and such.
    1A -any suggestions as to how the lights should be set up? i.e all 4 HPS mounted to a single reflector? some placed on the sides? throw some CFL's in there for good measure??

    2 - soil suggestions? good flowering fert?

    3 - first strain i should go with? was thinking mazar, mandala#1, or kalichakra...
    any one i should go with as opposed to the other??

    4 - any perticular type of ph tester that you guys have had good success with (brandname, type)? are there ones that do soil and water??

    5 - anything that i maybe forgetting??
    thank you for any help any of you may give me in advance....

    EDIT#2 - added to absolute beginners to hopefully get some replys
  2. ummm anyone that would care to share some info?? anyone??
  3. You should use some Metal Halide's for vegging... and some say keep some in there for flowering along with mostly High Pressure sodium bulbs. As for how many lights all depends on amount of plants, style of growing, area, ect...

    Easy growing medium is something pH nuetral that breaths good, holds water/nutrients, but also good drainage. I think i heard something like a good ratio of peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite (a soil-less mix) and fertilize the water you will feed to the plant. Technicly hydro but easy and cheap.

    First strain? Just get whatever seeds you can and try and germinate and grow. That way if you mess up and kill it there is no loss. Once you have the hang of it throw in some cash to order some good seeds. When i decide to order im going with this power plant breed. A few growers on the forum have been growing this strain with awesome success.

    With the soiless medium i suggested you jsut have to make sure your water/nutrients are the correct pH and TDM. So any digital meter will work. I always suggest digital.
  4. thank you very much dragit.....

    i read about keeping some MH in the flowering stage of the plants..... im just hopeful that the 175W MH will be good for vegging. if its too little ill have the 4 42W CFL setup i can add in for good measure at the right kelvin i guess.

    with all that (400W's of HPS and 175W of MH would that be enough to flower 6-10 plants though?) im hopeful when i go into flowering i can use the 4 42W setup for clones so i can continue with another cycle after im dont with my first flowering.

    and for the medium any suggestions?? foxfarm?? im gonna try and stay away from MG (preferted or otherwise) ive heard good things about it and bad, then again MG isnt soilless so that doesnt matter. but for a first time grower youd suggest soil-less?? it would seem to have more things i can F up, but maybe im wrong....

    and fert the water i feed it even in veg stage?? i though i really didnt wanna fert until the 4th node which would be right around flowering anyways i think.
    and if i do want to fert it all the way through which fert would you suggest? i was just gonna go with iguana juice for flowering......
  5. What im going to use is the Lucas Formula with the General Hydropoics nutes.

    Soiless IS easier. You create a pH nuetral growing medium with what i said, and then all you have to worry about is the water being the correct pH and nutes. You jsut figure out a water schedule for the plants by paying attention to what they like.

    I would get a MH conversion bulb for some of those HPS fixtures for vegging. Then use mostly HPS with a dab of MH during flower ( MH is optional, but why not?)

    with these nutes and that medium that is all you need to worry about. Give them the right growing environment. With the soil-less mixture bugs shouldn't be a problem, roots should get plenty of air, and nutes/pH is controled by you in the water you give it... less things to worry about right?

    BY ALL MEANS... im a newb... but im a newb that has done so much reading my girl thinks im obsest (sp) with it. I just like to know as much as i can and learn as i grow. Just noticed no one was helping and this sounds like what would suit your situation perfect.

    EDIT: to answer questions on fert... with these ferts you will be ferting through all stages of growth. You just change up what you are doing... in the begining you start with light ferts and move the concentration up as the plant progress's.... but here is the link to the lucas formula... ... im going to be using this in a deep water culture setup.. so not sure if that would suit your needs so much. I imagine so. But you can just follow the directions on the container but at lower dosages early in life... starting at like a 1/4 strength and moving up by watching what the plant asks for.
  6. drag....
    can i go soilless without going hydro?? as id like to avoid spending more money for a bubble bucket, also as you mentioned the grow journals i check one out where the grower has good yeild(around 2oz per plant) and good smoke with hashberry(using soil) from mandala and its cheap ($30 for 10) so im gonna go with that. although i do like the idea of soil-less, im thinking that thats a hydro thing... please correct me if im wrong.

    oh and i finished getting my lights....
    4 100W HPS
    1 175W MH
    8 42W CFL

    i think im gonna grab 4 more CFL for a cloning setup....
  7. Well with the "soiless" medium i was talking about.. you treat it jsut as if it was soil. No bubble buckets and suck. You jsut mix a good medium up that will hold water, gives roots a good hold and place to grow, but still has good drainage. Just like i mentioned before. You jsut water it with you pH balenced and nuted water... just like you do with soil.

    That is what i reccomend.

    Me... im going DWC... Im building my own. The bubble buckets cost me no more than what soil and pots cost me (do you know how bubble buckets work? They cost almost nothing to make). Then have to buy nutes no matter what way you grow. You already have the expensive light part covered. And you need great ventilation still. Venting is what is keeping my grow from moving to the next step... its $$$ to do it right. Then pH and TDS meters.

    I still say try to stay away from dirt. There is no bugs and less dirt mess that way. Im not saying go bubble bucket (tho i see no reason not to), but should at least try the soiless idea. It's cheap and easy.

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