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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Goosie, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Im back... yes again with another plan, for some reason i always find a problem with my plans that keeps me from doing it but ima do this one hopefully starting putting plants in it within the next week or 2. Im doing a rubbermaid grow (1 rubbermaid if possable, but second is there if its needed) with a 4" Vortex fan, and a homemade carbon filter (which im working on now...) and a 150W HPS. Im growing bagseed, SOG and LST (to try and keep it in 1 rubbermaid. if i gotta use the 2nd rubbermaid i gotta find somewere to put some of my clothes lol) in soil. Using hydro ferts (at 1/4th strength, more if the plants start to like it) and it'll be in my closet. Im painting 1 layers of black Krylon Fusion spraypaint on the inside of the rubbermaid to keep light inside (dont want this thing glowing...) and then 2 layers of white Krylon Fusion spraypaint over the black to keep light reflecting inside of the box. Everything is going to be inside of the box exept for the wire leading to the outlet (which is behind a TV right next to the closet so nobody will see the extension cord, beside i can push it under the bottom of the wall lol) and a hole for the exaust and intake hole. The reason im doing rubbermaids is because it is portable because i'll probly need to move it sometime within the grow and dont wanna carry out individual weed plants and take them to my car lol. I got like 2 gallons of unused activated carbon too, that i want to use... I dont have a camera so no pictures can be taken, but ima try to get one soon so i can take the pictures. Any suggestions?
  2. a cam.

    let us kno when u start this.

    borrow a friends cam? pics are essential for us to help really.

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