New Grow Pics!! Hashplant, Druban, Mr, Nice, Bubblegum, White Rhino.

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  1. heres some new pics guys of my what will soon be my gorilla grow for this year. these plants were started on may 4th and emerged from the soil on the 7th. since then they were inside in a grow box until the 20th. now for the past 5 days they have been outside. however they are still recovering from the temp shock. they have their own green house box but still the nights here have been about 50 so they are a bit sluggish compared to the co2 and 90 degrees they had seen previously as well as no night. however out of my 28 sprouts none have died so far so i consider myself lucky.

    unfortunately im predy sure my white rhino seed and my bubblegum seed are both male, but my mr. nice if feminized and i have multiple Durban poisons and hash plants so that's no biggy.

    let me know what you think so far. these ladies are coming out of pots in 5 days when im sure there is no risk of frost.

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    lookin good:wave:

    and those wont start to flower now from the drastic light change goin from 24/0 to ??/??..?

  3. nah dont think so.. they might just show their sex. we have long days because it is the beginning of summer. they got confused for a few days though. now they seem much happier though. its suppose to be 47 tonight though so that not good. i will have to keep them in my greenhouse for the night :/

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