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  1. Alright so i'm totally new to growing got these clones last night and setting up the grow room today. I'm wondering do these look healthy and should these be moved to bigger post asap? basically where do i go from here my set up is going to be 1000w mh followed by hps bloom.
    should i top these? any help would be great


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  2. With a plant grown from seed it would totally be time but as clones you don't know how big they were when the cuttings were taken and you prob don't know how long they've been rooted. I would care fully take one out and if you see roots at the bottom it's time to repot. Nice looking clones.
    You need to bring your light a lot closer/ you need more light.
  3. I did pull one and it was full of roots so I think it's time. Grow room is being setup right now with a 1000 watt light so there will be more light should I plant to 1 gallon pot then move to a 3-5 gallon for flower?

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  4. Yes then it's totally time. I usually go from solo cup size to 1 gal to 5 gallon. You want your plant to be focused on budding during flower, not rooting so I always wait a couple weeks after transplanting in its final home before I switch to flower to make sure the roots are well established.
  5. I would get them in the final pots right away. Those plants would outgrow 1g pots within 2 weeks. They look good, nice and healthy, they grow real fast. If you are only having 6 plants under a 1kw lamp, then you will want to grow them pretty big, because of this I would use pots that are bigger than just 5g
  6. So got my grow area all setup and plants transplanted. It's just barebones right now more stuff on the way but what do you guys think so far thats a 1000w MH is it to close is the fan big enough? I would love any feed back i can get. i might start a journal

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  7. You should at least give them a corner and paint the walls, or put up some mylar.

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  8. I use one of these when I run 1kw open hood, that fan is way too small for that area.


    Moves a lot of air, covers large areas. Blows heat off the bulb and aerates the canopy at the same time.

    Agree with Gold, you'll get better results with bigger pots. Your plants are going to beast under that 1kw.

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    I would get some reflective walls around them. Something as simple as mylar hung on broom handles or pvc tubes suspended from the ceiling will work. Anything that gets the light shining at the plants instead of lighting the rest of the room will help
  10. Think I might just switch to a tent. It's in a shed right now and temps last night were about 48 degrees even with the lights it wasn't enough to heat so I'm looking into a tent right now what's a good size with 6 plants and a 1000w light

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  11. You definitely want to not let the plants have too many nights at that temperature or your plants may never see the tent. Your light cycle is at night?
  12. either a 5'x5' or a 4'x4' would be good. Run the lights through the night and if you have a dark period, have this in the warmest part of the day.

  13. how do they look? The color has changed kinda to a light green on the tops is the light to close or is that normal?
  14. Here is pic

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  15. they look hungry
    Have you started any nutes?
  16. Have not just transplanted into the 3 gal pots on sat with fox farms ocean soil

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  17. I'm scared to over water this is my first grow I gave them one full solo cup when I transplanted them was that not enough? How much should I water when I do?

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  18. start some nutes... light strength
  19. just water enough to get the soil wet and have water run out the bottom

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