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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hinginmingin, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I just had a few general questions. I've already germinated my seeds and used planted them in a mix consisting of:

    1/2 miracle grow organix soil
    1/4 perlite
    3/4 peat moss

    I have 2 6-foot 34W Fluro Bulbs a couple inches above my pots. I lan on leaving them on 24/7 (all the time) lol is that good? Also, do I need more light?

    When do I start incorporating any plant food? often should I water? Since they're new seeds do I water them more often?

    Any other advice for newly sewn seeds? Please let me know it's greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys:D
  2. well dude i u wanna grow any decent bud ur gonna need more light,i dont know much about cfl's but u might wanna invest in a metal halide /high pressure sodium light 250watt minimun

    the soil mixture is fine and id wait till the plant is like 3 weeks old before i start feeding it

    only water when the pot is dry u dont want to over water
  3. oh and btw leaving the light os 24/7 is ur personal preferance

    rather than that why dont u get ur proper setup made and sprout the seed then give the plant 12/12 light cycles straight away,u will know the sex of the plant within 2-3 weeks and it takes about 10 weeks to finish
  4. okay...i did buy one hps light but none of the fixues i bought could handle i switched to fluro.

    Do you know if hps come in tubes?
  5. to run a hps bulb it needs to go through a ballast. i don kno if u had one or not but that might b the problem??
  6. yeah i dont i had one of those...well I'm thinkin of getting a little more fluro power just for the veg state and then switching to hps for flowering.

    Btw which way do you put the seeds in the soil....root up or down?

    And how long do they usually take to sprout after you finally plant the germinated seeds? (from the paper towel)

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