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  1. Hey there guys. I've been researching over the past night about growing. I'm new to it, and trying to figure things out. I've decided that I want t grow Masterlow/Blue Streak as those are pretty easy and since I need a stealth grow, they'll work out.

    My question is about lighting. From what I know about lowryders, they're not to picky about the type of light you use. However, I've been reading all over about HPS grows and CFL grows and such.

    What kind would be best to use for growing one plant, while considering heat also. And roughly, what wattage would I need, and how many bulbs.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer. I've figured most everything else out, but I just need to figure out lighting.
  2. well if you want stealth and your new to growing i say cfls there the way too go, how big of a space do you have to work with? mines 2.5feet by 2 feet, by 3 and a half feet tall and im able to grow up too two plants under 4 clfs, ok i suggest 4 26watt daylight cfls, most wal-marts sell them in a 2 pack for 6.50 then you need a lamp to screw the bulbs into and 3 y adapters. ok im gonna stop cuz thats kidna alot of information!
  3. ya, that's kinda the space I'm looking at. Stealth wise I only need it to not look like a grow. I'm in an apartment in a college town, so total stealth isn't a must. I just want a nice small closet grow that I can wet my feet with.

    Do I need 4 26watt bulbs, or can I do 2 50 watt(if they come that high) or one 100watt(again if it goes that high)? Does the multiple little one's work better than fewer big ones?

  4. I have a friend who bought 10 of the 24" undercabinet grow lights.He built a stealthy looking wood cabinet.Mounted the tubes in rows on each side and 2 over head.It looks cool, he wont let me take pics tho and thats cool.I know he is only putting out about 8000 Lumens.But he says its a nice little prop room.Good luck and study the LST'ing forum if you wanna keep them low
  5. if you just wanna do one light bulb heres a site that has some high watt clfs, and those under cabinet grow light things dont really work too well i had one it was usless, check out that site and see if you like them.
  6. do I need a special lamp to plug cfl bulbs into...or will a normal lamp work?
  7. Normal will work, just make sure it puts out enough to maximise the usage of your CFLs. I have a thread hear that starts with EMERGENCY, on the 2nd page it shows me using a 42w CFL in a normal lamp.
  8. ya normal lamps im using a normal clamp on lamp with y-adpaters( both bought at wal-mart) you will have good results, but im not sure if you use too large of a cfls it can cuase a fire hazard somebody else will have to answer that.
  9. Yes, if you use a bulb with a wattage that's higher than the lamp is rated for, you have a significant risk of fire. Don't do it!!! You can use multiple lower wattage bulbs in different lamps if you need to, but don't risk burning your house down over this.

    What I like to use are desk lamps with snake necks; that way you can adjust the height really easily above the plants, while not having to worry about mounting the lamps anywhere. All you need is enough floor space in your grow box to accomodate the base.
  10. cheers
  11. I have to admit that I just scanned the two threads linked below but couldn't see the relevance to BkKG's comment. His warning (I believe) was to not overload the circuit by putting too many bulbs (Watts) in a lamp holder. Now my lampholders are the ceramic type and are rated at 600W so I don't think I could put in too many CFLs but it is a valid warning to take heed when dealing w/ 'lectricity to keep from torching the cassa.


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