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  1. k well i got a plant and it is on its 2nd node right now been growing for like 7-8 days not much cause right when it came up i put it in a bigger pot and think it was in some shock but now it is getting a set of leaves pretty much every day now ~ i will have a few pics for this one maybe not as many as all of the rest of u but my neighbor has a digi cam so im going to borrow it every now and then.

    well i threw a seed a long time ago in a big dish of my moms plants and she just put more plants in it and started watering it and guess what else came up my lil girl so i transplanted it into a cup and put it out in a little shack in my backyard that is for storage i guess and its in the window under view range but it gets all day sun when it gets on its 3rd or 4th maybe 5th node i will place it out in a feild..... i heard that deer dont like beer so if i filla bag up with beer and hang it on a branch or something will deer stay away? k well try and get pics soon i believe it is also getting another node gonna start cause if u look very close u can see a little round thing in the center where it looks like another 2 leaves are gonna pop out and start another node

    peace hoko
  2. here is 1

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  7. k well its on its 14th day today and is surviving so far been watering like 2 times a week and been blowing and bending it to keep the stem strong hope ya like it hoko
  8. well today is the 6th of may and the 3rd node has popped up completly and is j splitting 2 little leaves in about anothe 3 days they will be pretty good size and the 2nd nodes getting good 3 leaves in i am putting it out side prolly the8th so it gets full days sun cause it isnt getting to much right now think this is a good idea and how come like 40 people have looked at this and only told is responding and gracias told for that post ill be keepig up w/ your grow also and good luck
  9. looking pretty good. is this going to be one of your outdoor grows? if so it is getting close to thee time that you want it out. maybe let it get one more set of leaves and set it in a window for a couple of days before you put it out.
  10. Before you know it that plant will have like 4 sets of leaves, mine just started producing 5 leaf fingers instead of three and its not even a month old and its branching off. Show it some love and put it in the sun and im sure youll do great. Lookin nice!:)

  11. Looks good. Ive been growing a couple dozen on my window ledge and they are going "SLOW". Takes them forever to get the second set of nice large leaves (couple weeks after the sprout pops up).

    Once my plants got one nice large set of leaves I decided to put them out. I think they need more heat and sun. 45 at night 60-70 in the day now. Just waiting for a couple long nice sunny days.
  12. I just leave mine outside and they get sun all damn day long I never intended for this to be an outside grow lol. I hope they dont die like my others have man these things can give someone hell! These plants are comming along nicely I think some have a different growing rate than others....
  13. yea its going outside prett soon in like 3-4 days yea those pics are like 6 days old now it has another node that came up with a set of three leavesthe other node is kinda stretching and is faling towards the window i gotta lil fan m gonna keep onit and the 2nd node the 3 set of leaves are getting pretty big ow will try and get the came again to show osme of u

    Gracias (thank you) for replyin very much appriciate it : )

    will have pics end of this week hopefully
  14. Crap.......n e one out there i really need some advice/ help very fast please come on i put my plant outside yesterday and the weather was expecting some rain today

    this really sux but i found a good place w/ some ants and the soil had earth worms in it so i planted it there yesterday and right now the temp is 3 degrees and is pouring rain and i just saw some small hail and damn i am so pissed will the plant be okay ??? it is up to the 3rd node i jus dont know it is pretty potected by bushes but not enough for rain exc help please
  15. i sit safe to put a plant by ants? LOL, worms maybe but tending it may be hard if its by ants. I dunno hwat to tell ya but i would think that as long as its protected by the bushes and the hail was not extremely bad it should be okay just check on it to make sure. I bring my plants inside at night (i dunno why) but i do heheh......
  16. well i read somewhere in outdoor grow that ants keep other plant eating bugs aways because they are meet eaters and munch on lil bugs but yeah been there for 2 days now and has no munch holes in it which is good also i did some cool stuff i dug a hole into the ground and put a can filled with soapy water & it had screen over the top and i buried it under and u can smell it pretty good so that will keep animals away too and eek the temp was 34 degrees not 3 which would really be bad sorry mis type

    and i havent gone out to look at it yet but the sun has come up and iat is about 60 degrees hopeing it is still alright and the rain/ hail/ temp didnt effect it to much
  17. Thats interesting the whole "soap & can" scenerio, how did you find out about that?
    Yea just keep a watchful eye on it to make sure nothin gets to it and youll be just fine, now post some pics heheh.
  18. i believe its in or sids lil link i dont remember but u use like irish spring soap and shave it up and place it in water or throw the shavings around the plant only problem is if u get rats it attracts them cause they like the fatty stuff in it or something but ahh i heard beer works for animals too that they hate beer so maay fill a can with beer too

    kk ill try adn get the came again will prolly be today or monday cause tommorows i gotta study alot got 3 tests monday sighs
  19. Ive always heard the best thing you could use to repel wild animals such as deer is your own piss, sighs* the many versitile uses of piss hahah.....
  20. k sorry i have delayed to post but yes the rain storm didnt kill my plant the other day but the sun came out the next day and was really shinning for a few days and just started to cloud over and rain again BOO...

    well i checked on it before like 2 days ago and it had been getting munched on by something on one of the leaves and got some lil brown patches i used a very very week solution of silen i think garden vegtible bug killer and i mixed it in with water in a spray bottle and sprayed it to bad poor lil ants are gone tho sighs but those damn lil jumping bugs that are grey with lil tail things are gone and those kept eating it i beilieve but yes it is showing very much improvment and is doing much better sorry No Pics yet freind and i have been busy will keep trying to get the came and get some more also the 3rd node is apart and is growing alot the 2nd nodes set of 3 leaves are as big as the 2nd nodes leaves in the 1st pic and a 4th node has come up :) yippeee and the can idea i just did 1 more but i filled it up with piss so that the pee wouldnt evaporate adn sink into the soil very fast so that the deer will smell it for a very long time and stay aways which i thought was an excellent idea to keep a can of pee out there underground

    ill talk with u all laterz and get pics up this weekend hopefully cya

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