New grow journal for my first CFL cardboard box ( with pics ) 12/12 frm seed

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  1. Ok so i just got back from walmart and i set up my box no light leaks but the fan kinda loud ill see what ill do about that but yea theres 3 light bulbs in the box cause i couldt fit the 4th one on the same plug . ( ill add it later ) but yea im waiting on seeds to germ ( prolly planting tm ) SUB to this lol
    im doing 12.12 from seed so are those nutes good for flower if i need them ? the miracle grow said it has feed for 6 months , but idk im going to be using a small cup 


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  2. Have you turned on your light's with the box closed? Just worried about safety with this. Cardboard has a few issues with growing plants - harbors mold, absorbs moisture, flammable and often flimsy.

    Most growers here avoid miracle gro mixes, they are too strong for seedlings and can kill your plant before it even begins to grow much
  3. you do not want the light cycle on 12-12 for veg, you want 18-6, 12-12 is for the flowering stage. and as to what tenshuu said take that to heart!
  4. well im limitied to stuff to get because only walmart is near me . And i did no light seeps and duc taped the whole thing so its pretty sturdy . 
  5. im doing 12/12 from seed man im only looking for a small plant so the box will do maybe need a bigger one but that will be when its needed
  6. if money is your issue then i would suggest waiting until you've saved up enough to do it properly. so far the investment in my setup is around $2,000. doing it right is the key to success, and it's not cheap if you are planning on growing indoors
  7. i know . this is my first grow and idc ill do that later on now i cant have it smell so muchh ect .... i just wanna see what i can do 
  8. trust me 18-6 is the time needed to grow, you just switch to 12-12 when you are ready to put her into flowering, which can be only in a couple of weeks. remember when you switch to flowering stage, shes gonna get bigger faster as she is trying to complete her life cycle before winter (or so she thinks)
  9. thats wjhy im doin 12/12 to keep it small 
  10. He's just a rookie getting his feet wet, spending 2,000 when you are still learning is a bad idea. I grow clone straight to 12/12 in my solo cup challenges and pulled 15 grams off of one (the one in my avatar pic).
  11. yes ^ and im going from seed so what should i do cause i want to keep it in the cup its whole life ? no transplanting 
  12. ok i did and ill do that but hes using a clone .. im going from seed will it be ok ? 
  13. Haha pick one  :smoking:  :smoking:
    For your loud fan you can consider to buy a cheap fan controller (I bought mine for 5$ on ebay and you can wire it with a phone adapter and control 4 pc fans with it). 
    Buy some car shades or floor isolation for your walls, paper is not really a good option... I'm sure they will sell something useful for this at walmart! :) I can't see exactly how your box is working. Is it open or closed? Where are the intake and exhaust holes?
  14. intake at bottom exhaust at top . i had to make a hood for both of them because light was coming out and it getting me pissed . im gonna make a new box this weekend but this one works for now i jus planted 2 seeds left 2 to germ
  15. Good luck with the grow. I started off doing my first few grows ghetto looking on a budget. I got a little PC micro grow I'm experimenting with now.
  16. thanks man

    cali smoker wassup 
  17. If your growing from a seed yu have to wait til the plant reaches sexual maturity be for it starts producing buds. So yu might want to get a clone from a friend instead of starting from a seed because they have to veg for a period of time which mean light 18/6 or 24/0 (always) until yu start flowering 12/12
  18. Why do I keep seeing this? Where is this myth that you can't grow a seed starting with a 12/12 light cycle coming from? I've seen it done multiple times with great success.

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