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  1. Hi I'm new here and could use some help with my plans to setup a grow in my loft.

    I am in the process of getting a full loft conversion to allow extra room. Trusses removed and extra vents put in and boarded and insulated out. A dust membrane also fitted to the rafters after the insulation.

    I plan on setting up a 3m x 3m x 2m tent up there with probably 2 or 3 1000w hps.

    They will be in vertical cool tubes on top of each other and plants around them.

    I plan on using a very large exhaust with over 796m3/h extraction with carbon filter and a passive intake.

    Now where I start to run into problems with questions I don't have the answers too is heat build up detection by flir and intake.

    Firstly, the loft conversion will add extra vents to make sure it has enough to stop moisture build up. Would these extra vents be seen by flir pumping out the heat in the loft? The loft is approx 7m x7m total floor space all the way to the edges so I was thinking its large enough to exhaust into maybe a smaller tent at the other side and try and cool it down with intake fans blowing in from near the soffits? Would this be enough to be in the clear from the cops? I live in the uk if that makes a difference.

    I was also thinking would it be possible to put the ducting into a large water tank for the exhaust air to blow into under water if this would suddenly cool down the air before being released from the bubbles or if this is even possible. And topping up the tank with cold water every few days

    Also would having several rotating fans across the soffits pushing in clean air into the room be enough?

    Any opinions on this would be great, cheers
  2. You have a good idea, venting into water to cool it. I have never thought of that and I am interested if anyone has done this. I have never worried about flir, now that I am in my attic this may be something to think about

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  3. Would love to hear if anyone else has any input on this!
  4. OK guys, what is flir? I assume you're talking about some sort of infrared heat detection equipment used by the cops. Seems to me like the solution would be to run your flowering lights at night when the cops aren't overhead buzzing around in a chopper or plane looking for heat signatures. LOL It's the heat signature that they pick up on and if the lights aren't running, there shouldn't be any massive heat. I was totally paranoid in the beginning when we first started out and lined the entire room, floor to ceiling, with IR blocker only to discover that they don't even fly here anymore looking for heat signature. Our local NET (DEA) team got busted a few years back for stealing the drugs they confiscated and using/selling them for their own benefit. Oh darn!!! I hate that!!! NOT. It was a pathetic sorry bunch of low life thugs who lived high and happy off doing others wrong. Oh well. They'll have time to think about it as they sit in prison for a few years. I'm in the states and totally unsure how things happen in the UK, but don't take any chances. Growing some bud is certainly not worth having to go to prison over. Good luck!

  5. Cops could be flying over at night looking for grows as well as during the day as far as I know. They are probably more likely to go out at night looking I think
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  6. Does anyone know of any problems that might be caused by exhausting into water?

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