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  1. hey guys, ill journal this if i get the help i need. I have a cap ebb and flow with 18x 2 gal. pots. my room is 15x11.5x7. I'm deciding on how much of the room to dedicate to the plants VEG/FLWR area. I have a walk in closet set up for clones and equipment. I'm going to close the size of my room alittle bit by making stand alone walls that move and have mylar inside.(entire room mylared) I am vegging with 2 four ft. 8 bulb t5's...all the pot's arrangements will start compact and then spread out as necessary so i can bush them. the walls would move to accommodate this as well...just trying to be as efficient as possible with light while maintaining the ventilation and cooling of my large room..I will be using CO2 for flowering....I have a generous budget and mad technical skills....what size should I ultimately expand the grow area to for 18 plants? How much HPS light do i need to flower 18 bushy plants? What is the most efficient way of achieving the light requirement?


    Im going for max yield and quality. not skimping out...

    how big of a plant will the ebb and grow 2gal pots accommodate?

    How much yield in oz. or lbs. could you get if you maximized it in this scenario?

    thank you for reading...looking forward to good harvest. all help greatly i said i will journal for this if you guys help. thanks
  2. Dont know much about hydro. But as far as lighting 600 watts are supposed to be the most efficient as far as watt to lumen output goes. Id say you need at least 2000 total watts. How you wanna split it up depends on how you wanna run your ventilation and wiring.
  3. would 2x 1000w on a light rail be better than 4x600w stationary?
  4. It depends man. 4 600w would give you 400 more watts but it would create more heat. You would need at least to high cfm fans to cool all 4. You might be able to get away with one with the 2 1000w's. Sounds like work and money arent and issue but vent tubing and electrical cords are gonna be interesting to keep out if the way. Especially since your going to be expanding your room as they grow.
  5. Its just going to be tricky to move the walls with everything intact. But 4 600's i think would yeild more and give you a better spread.

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