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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by boispro, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Just want to start of saying I'm a commercial electrician and part of a family owned aquaponics company.

    So I'm building a small double staked Rubbermaid grow cab.
    I have a 4" intake with a fan I took off a welder for exhaust. I have a 70watt hps and a 65watt 6400k cfl moguel base. I was wondering should I put just those for 2 plants or put a power strip with a couple 42 watters?

    I'd like to keep the hps, and the 65watt would be good for flower but I can't fit both and some CFLs. And I'd like more than 135 watts

    Love to hear more experienced opinions.
  2. Any help?
  3. get a bigger ballast then just get a bigger bulb for your hps and just go that way i don't know why you cant fit a hps and cfls as cfls could fit anywhere would like to see some pics of your area for growing you can all was use the hps and use cfls for dark spots you see 150w hps should be good for your grow, you want to invest is in the lumes for penetration of the canopy so your main light should be the best witch is the hps that's my opinion.

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