New Grow Bucket. Opinions Wanted!!

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Would you use this system/bucket for growing?

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    I patented a grow bucket some time ago and now in prototype stage. It combines both deep water culture and aeroponics. The tubing and all pumps are ran outside of the system so no overheated water. 6 misters are placed inside the upper "halo" and all other tubing is on the exterior of the bucket for easy fixes or clogs. I recently had some 3d printed and currently in testing. I've attached all the relevant files. Please let me know any and all opinions and constructive criticism. Thanks!

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  2. How is this aeroponics? This looks like a dwc to me. Aeroponics has a separate Rez from the root chamber. If that is not accomplished you just have a mist feed dwc.
  3. Having a separate reservoir does not mean you have an aeroponics system. Maybe your thinking more along the lines of a fogponics system? I appreciate the feedback!

    plural noun: aeroponics
    1. a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered to them in the form of a fine mist.
  4. I disagree if your roots are sitting in water it's a dwc. No way around that. So you need a separate Rez to accomplish that. I have a true hpa system (high pressure aeroponics). It's run to waste with practically no waste. IMG_4327.JPG
  5. If you look carefully at the photos you can see I have 6 mister heads on the interior of the buckets. I'm not claiming this is an ALL aeroponics system. It's a deep water culture and aeroponic mix
  6. What kind of pump psi and misters are you using?

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