New grow box needs HELP!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Jrbuster, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Whats up guys, Im new to growing and i just got my room set up but before i put my plants in i would like to know if anyone had any advice for me here is a quick diagram of my setup.

  2. sweet drawing..... how deep is your box? you only have two measurements there

    whats the ambient air temp in your grow space right now?


    if your box is 2'x2'x7' this = 36 cubic feet in your grow, more or less... mostly less

    you need fresh air pulled into your grow box three times every minute minimum=108CMF rated fan...

    Now if you plan to add a carbon filter multiply times two for air restriction=216CMF rated fan or better....

    your gonna need a six inch fan(skip the four they suck) and a fan speed controller to dial down the speed of your fan

    if you don't add the carbon filter... just get a 150CMF rated PC fan....

    one thing i have learned... not only from this site but from personal experience... you can grow a bunch of shitty plants or one or two super awesome plants... your choice

    take lots of pictures... and start a journal
  3. The room is 2 feet deep as well as wide. As of right now the temp in the room reads 68 DEGREES F. Thats without any lights or air circulation. I have a cut out ready for a 4 inch fan on the bottom left and right. Would it better to just upgrade both to a 6 inch? I also have an outvent at the top of the box to push out hot air. Im pretty new at this so i need all the help i can get. Any other tips would be GREAT!
  4. or... if you wanted to use pc fans... your gonna have to have two of them and two carbon filters... have to have the exact same fans... or you can burn up the fans

    keep us updated
  5. So i got everything set up and all seems to be going well. But im kinda stuck on my watering, How much, How often etc. Any advise? Like i said before im pretty new to growing.
  6. A small drink 1-3 days. Don't over water. Soil right? Make sure you ph you water before you water. 5.8
  7. Yea they are in soil. I didnt start from seeds though I got some clones from a few of my brothers plants. Same amount of water?

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