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  1. Hey guys! Totally new to this! So I started from a Dutch berry (H) seed just one, and did my germination(water cup) method for 24hrs-ish, then put in a soaking wet paper towel to help with the oxygen, seed cracked 12 hrs later. Planted it with a 1/4 inch taproot. Now last time I noticed it had a 1 inch taproot. Must of been hurried to deep cause it was still about 1/2 inch under the medium. Kinda left the seed head in covered and put under a 300w full spectrum led light now for 3 hrs. About 3 feet under the light. The seed has fully popped off. And so my question is at the base of where the seed was the root makes a hard bend like it was having trouble growing through the medium, so it started growing back down? Will it eventually straighten itself out? Thanks guys any advice or tips help.

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  2. First off, once popped put it half inch under soil and give it spray on top and leave it alone, It'll take up to a few days to pop surface also lower the light to 20-24 inches to.limit stretch

    Good luck any more questions lemme know fam!

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  3. If I Buried it an inch an a half and it's almost over an inch, it sounds like it would already above the soil if I only buried it half an inch? I brishes like a 1/4 inch of dirt away and the seed head was there, once it hit the lights hrs later it was already seedless and had a couple tiny leaves, that look really light in color one maybe transparent? Not sure what that means lol

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  4. That's normal, green doesn't come in until they start producing chlorophyll from light.
    Seedlings are easy mode. Very very little water. I give a shot glass a day about an inch away from the stem. ( VERY GOOD VENTILATION mind You so it dries the soil completely every 18ish or so hours. With low ventilation id hold back, id get a spray bottle and mist the girls once a day. A few sprays on the top layer. Don't soak it.

    Literally doing to much of anything will hurt them. A little water and patience.

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  5. I'm not sure if it'll ever straighten back out but it should be fine I plant my seed directly into Hydro ton and I've never had a problem I'm sure it will be okay even if it doesn't straighten back up

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