New Grow: 400w HPS White Rhino/Bubbilicious Soil

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IndicaSativa420, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I just started a new grow yesterday. I am growing 8 plants total..some are white rhino and some are bubbilicious. Got my seeds from dr. chronic very quickly. I germinated them a few days ago, and i planted the opened seeds in 1 gallon pots yesterday. here are some details about my grow:

    Growing Media: 60% potting soil/40% perlite

    Lighting: 400w HPS for flowering and last few weeks of vegging, the first few weeks of vegging i am going to use a 125w envirolite fluro and 2 45w spiral cfl's.

    Nutrients: Growmore Grow, Micro, And Bloom. Very similar to the gh flora 3 part series. Nutes will be started about 3 weeks after they sprout.

    Ventilation: for now nothing, since the climate is cool and dry where i live. I may put in a cheap oscilating fan for ventilation if the room gets to hot, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    Pots: starting them in 1 gallon pots, as soon as sex is known the females will be put into 3 gallon pots, and the males will be pulled.

    Techniques: Every plant will be LSTed at about 3-4 weeks of age. I plan on tying down ALOT of branches to get a sturdy and very bushy plant with huge buds. The ties will be cut when stretching stops.

    Watering: Distilled water, Plants will be watered AROUND every 5-10 days, depends on how fast they drink the water:)

    Other Info: The room is painted a matte white for good reflection, a silver tarp is also going to be put in to section off the closet where i will be growing. I also have a few other useful equipment: epsom salt for magnesium, 10-100x microscope, ph testing kit, etc.

    2 of the plants i am not sure wether they are wr or bb, a few seeds were mixed up so the last 2 plants are uknown strain wise, but they have to be either wr or bb. The other 6 are all marked and labeled, there are 3 wr and 3 bb.

    They will be cut when about 75% of the triches are cloudy and 25% are amber.

    the door to the closet has also had weatherstripping applies all around the door, so no light will get in and none will escape (i had some light leaking issues last grow)

    I will keep everyone followed up on the progress of the grow, i should be posting/posting pictures every few days so keep checking back. As soon as the seeds sprout i will post the first pictures.
  2. you certainly seem to know what your doing. maybe this shouldnt be in the absoloute beginners board? seems to me as if you would have better response in the grow journals section. anyways it all sounds good exept you dont need a fan just for ventilation. good air flow is vital for healthy plants, especially if your LST'ing them.(dont want bushy LST plants with saggy stems now do you?) so consider getting that cheap oscillating fan anyway. hope this helps. :)
  3. I didn't know it was in the wrong section, i'm new to this board. I'll make a new one in the grow journals section. The thing about the fan is that, air still gets in there fine so i'm not worried about ventilation, just heat (but it shouldn't be a problem because it's pretty cold around here). All my grows have gone fine and i haven't used a fan, except for a few times when the temp got a little hot.
  4. one quick question, will the plants be fine in one gallon pots until i sex them? I was hoping they would, but i doubt it. usual when i sex them they are around a foot tall, maybe 14".
  5. One gallon should be fine.
    Good luck.
  6. As of this morning all 8 have sprouted. They are only about one inch tall each (duh). I'll post some pics when they get a little camera sucks, i can't take close enough pics without them being very blurry.

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