New grow, 2nd bagseed grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by RaZoR_2004, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. I have just put the seed into a styrofoam cup of 60 soil/40 sand/10 mulch.

    The 1st grow wos not succesful as it wos my mates plant that I gave him, and he almost killed it and gave it back to me fucked, all dead leaves, really, severely stunted, it was a month old and 8cm tall... (bad lighting schedules, he watered it with a spray bottle of AJAX just rinsed out poorly, and fillled with chlorine tap water, and it developed root rot becoz he watered it every 5-6hrs.)

    Anyways... :p it is under a 65W light with a clear plastic cup over it for heat production, and i have a 35W cool white fouro and a 75W cool light lined up (And some more on Tuesday(PAY DAY!! DING DING!!!)) Its surrounded by Alfoil ATM and i have a few fans for it when its older...

    any suggestions, comments or tips... please dont hesitate
  2. didn't know you lived in Australia, if i had a climate like that, i'd have a few outdoors too........Peace out........Sid
  3. nah not where im livin, houses are rele close n the neighbours are nosey (unt5. Im going for an indoor 600W hydie. ill give the plans when I get the plants growin.
  4. Nothing so far... checked them earlier when i got home from werk, nothing happening in there...
  5. 3 more seeds are popping out taps, im just getting soils all set up for them now, i haeve a grow cupboard set up for them. it can fit 4 seedlings up to 1 1/2 foot or 1 to 2 plants up to about 3 foot. i have many places that i can set it up if i need to set up for additional plants...

    damn, i just got this freaky deja vu... anyways... hope they start growin good, the one in the room hasnt popped up yet, ill give it a few more days.
  6. I potted 2 more last night, 2 in 2.25L bottles chopped down and still the one in the styrofoam cup (to be transplanted later, and so will the others, all to 5L pots, I might grow 1 outdoors n 2 in or all indoors, havent decided yet. nothing has popped up yet, but thats all good, patience is a virtue, n goodie goodies are the thieves of virtues. ( im a bad one according to that metaphor :p) ANYWAYS.... ill keep yas updated, n pics for sure..... when i get my digi cam :)
  7. oh yea, wired up all my fans, 3 12V (2 x 0.12A (120mA) and 1 x 0.14A 140mA waried up to a 12V AC 500mA powerpack.

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