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New grinder, or save the money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dawnofwar, May 13, 2011.

  1. #1 dawnofwar, May 13, 2011
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    traded my old macbook to my buddy for an ounce and $140 last night.
    The grinder I want is around $50-$55. Its a sharpstone grinder, same one my buddy has. The kief catcher is fucking crazy! He gets so much kief from it. And I partly want to get it because a) My old grinder is starting to be shitty, even after I clean it b) the kief I would get from an ounce would be crazy.

    However I rarely pick up ounces, I only pick up 10-20 sacs daily, so I don't know if this would be a good idea, or a waste of money. My grinder now doesn't have a kief catcher, and can't collect kief if its life depended on it.

    Pros of new grinder:
    Better kief catcher
    Grinds the bud faster, and better

    Costs around $50
    Already have a grinder

    The money isn't really an issue, its just I don't know If I want to drop $50. I really want the grinder, but at the same time don't know if I want to spend the money. So I'm thinking about buying a cheaper grinder but then I'm like wait, if I'm going to buy one, might as well spend the money on a really nice one
  2. Do you roll blunts or joints? It would be a good investment.

    In my experience I rarely do either of the above so I dont use a grinder. Sure its nice to get/have kief but I smoke bowls and I feel that it takes away from the high and most important the flavor.
  3. Man, 55 dollars is way too expensive for a grinder. I bought a sick one for 10 dollars with a kief catcher and steel teeth. There's a certain level of awesomeness a grinder can reach, and you can reach that level of awesomeness with half that money. Look around, check out the GC store. You could get an eighth of diggitydank for 50 bucks...
  4. I would just keep the grinder you already have and buy a kief everything you get through the kief box before adds up pretty quick!

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    @3amjunkie Uhm, semi-regularly, mainly because I don't have alot of bud, so I used my grav-bong to conserve weed.

    However this ounce is for next weekend when me and my buddy are going on vacation for 4 days, and our primary smoking method (75%) will be joints. So it would definately be nice to have there, but when I get back I'd probably just go back to my grav bong.

    Thats what I was thinking as well, its not like this kief comes from nowhere, it comes off your bud. But the nugs I get are crazy crazy crystally so I don't think theres a shortage of thc crystals lol

  6. I could get a 50 sack for 50 bucks :devious:

    My grinder I have now was $15 and came with a screen, but it was really shitty so I took it off.

    Yea it is abit expensive, but its only more expensive by like $20 which again, isn't really a problem for me. I would have the money back that I spent by tuesday or thursday of next week.
  7. Yeah I know a guy who would run ounces through his pollen box, he had piles and piles of kief, every vape or bowl would be half keif.

    Sharpstone grinders I've had experience with them and they work really well nice sharp teeth and the quality is really good, will last awhile.

    A lot of cheap grinders threads, the threading on the inside of all the pieces chip and strip easyier.

    My experience shows you get what you pay for with grinders.

    Buy a cheap grinder for your trip, then keep it around for occasional use, it would be alright if you dont use it 6 times a day, then I would suggest a more high end grinder.

  8. Yea the threading on my grinder chipped off. It doesn't screw closed anymore, always is lose and I've lost bud once or twice because of this ( one of the main reasons why I want a new one )

    Think I'm going to get the grinder, but that may change by the end of the day lol
  9. I would just look around your local headshops for a 4pc grinder. 50$ for a grinder is ridiculous. I got an amazing no brand grinder for 35$ and it works just the same
  10. instead of getting 10/20 sacks daily, you should save the money until this ounce is depleted so that then you can buy more bud for your money

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