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New grinder, LOVES KEIF:))

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheGreenLife101, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. after only a little over a 1/4:)))

  2. You should put the scoop in the 2nd chamber. But nice collection of keif my friend :)
  3. Dang all that after a quarter? I think I might need to iso my grinder. Do you keep a coin in your grinder? Or is your bud just really dank? Pics of your bud? I keep my scraper in the second chamber like mentioned above. That way you don't get precious kief all over where you put your fingers.
  4. If you look 2 threads down the "so cal pick up:)"thread ths my dank shit lol, but yea ill be moving it to second chamber shoulda thought of that earlyer i just got it yesturday its amazinggg lol
  5. Nice! It looks dank as fuck.
  6. That's alot of kief for a quad.. You must got sole dank dank shit or a good grinder
  7. i want some kief...
    especially that much off a quarter
  8. keif is pure thc right?

  9. I don't think its pure but don't quote me on that
  10. Anyone have any ideas on how to smoke it best? I got vape, bubbler, bong, skillet bowl for hash? Or a kief blunt? Lol
  11. top it on a bowl. unless it fucks with the flavor of the bud
  12. Holy fucking Jesus...

  13. not pure but pretty concentrated. you can tell the differences if you are enjoying a keif enhanced smoke sesh
  14. when'd you get a vape
  15. That's always a beautiful sight :D:cool: I love me some hash :smoking: nice pic sir +rep on that one Enjoy :)
  16. My roomate freezes all his bud in the grinder for a few min right before grinding it down to the second chamber and gets a phenomenal amount of keif in the process. Yes anything in the grind is no longer on your bud but honestly I get just as baked and there's more keif than would've previously been. The freezing supposedly harms the bud as well but I've yet to notice a difference.
  17. Kief is around 37% percent THC at it's purest, the rest is just plant matter that falls through the screen.
  18. #18 TS HIGH, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Link to grinder? What kind is it.
  19. that's fucking beautiful :hello:! man you're gonna get FUCKED UP :smoking:!

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