new grinder i picked up

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  1. whats good family? this is only my first post. but who cares? let's just say i've been lurking around. i recently bought a tight grinder from a friend for $8. i know it's really cheap. something must be wrong with it.. right? wrong. it's in great condition my friend was just in bad need of cash. and i was there ready with some money. but yeah. here are some pics. it has a kief catcher. so woot. it also has a bob marley sign on the front. can't deny im a pothead if someone stops me with it. xD.

    heres the top of it. thats my external hard drive under. and a can of pringles.


    pringles again with that hdd, and the kief case.


    kief case again, worse picture:


    under the hood of my herb grinder:


    under the hood again from far:


    that's basically all of my grinder. sorry about the horrible pictures my camera isn't the best.

  2. that looks like a awesome fuckin grinder.
  3. thanks. i love it. too bad i have to get rid of it in like 4 months.

  4. why????
  5. have to move via plane, can't bring it on, and idk anyone who wants to send it to me.
  6. dude you can bring it on a plane just put it in your checked luggage

    ive brought pipes and tons of stuff on planes many times. clean it out if you wanna be extra safe

    nice grinder though i just got my first grinder today, a $10 three piece little one that looks like a stack of poker chips
  7. I love how Bob's face is on all sorts of MJ products and his family doesn't see a goddamn dime for it.
  8. haha, i know what you mean, i'm not really a fan of bob marley, it's just what i bought. was the cheapest deal in front of me.

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