New Grinder + Glass. (some bud too)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Tune, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Sup GC. Went downtown yesterday and picked up my first piece of glass and a grinder. What you think?


    Picked up some leafy looking kush too; it vapes very nicely, have yet to try it in the pipe..

  2. Where are you from? I have a locally blown pipe that has pretty much an identical shape -the colours are completly different though-
  3. Victoria BC man, where in BC you at?
  4. I'm from Victoria, too, just moved here. lol I guess it is the same artist, did you buy it at BC smoke shop? BTW that Kush looks amazing, enjoy it.
  5. Shit that's some nice glass. What's it called when it's textured like that again? Sanded glass or somethin? I love it anyway, it's beautiful, bud too.

    happy tokin

  6. Yea, I think its like sandblasted or something.
    Thanks! :smoking:

    Nah I bought it from SH.
  7. that is a nice piece! congrats, i hope it treats you well.
  8. Very nice bowl. I bet it feels nice in your hand. Nice pickup.
  9. Nice piece - really like the finish on it.
  10. Nice glass piece man, I would bought that if I seen it for sure. Enjoy brotha!! :smoking:

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