New Green Day album kicks ass!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by emitch, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. If you haven't heard it already you should. Go buy it from iTunes for 11.99. Worth every penny! ;) It's the best stoner music ever!
  2. no thanks, I like good music
  3. (good music)

    Like what?
  4. dito.
  5. Only song I like by them is blvd. of broken dreams. Besides that its just gay preppy music.
  6. Dude, greenday officially sold out on that album. they cant even deny it. they used to be a pretty good band, but look at where theyve gone. I hate how theyre all dressed "edgey" now and playing music for 12 year old girls to get wet over.
  7. you and any one else who likes that band should be shot off into the sun
  8. i liked greenday until they came out with that, now they suck
  9. I downloaded it for free and thought it was crappy so I deleted it. Thank god I didnt pay 11.99 for that piece of crap lol.

  10. mosty underground/ non-mainstream rap and hiphop. Talib, Ill BIll, Immortal Technique, Kottonmouth kings, ect.. Queens of the stoneage/kyuss are always good.

  11. surely theres a more friendly way to express your opinion?

    emitch, i think the album's cool too, also, im seeing them in 4 days! :D
  12. Dookie was good, THe last like 3 sucked. They just changed. I like indi, emo, techno, dance stuff mostly. Postal Service, Deathcab, Eels, The Faint, and Air are all pretty good.

  13. yep...
  14. i like that song "i walk these lonely streets" or some shit like that....i used to like green day a long time ago Dookie :cool:
  15. ya this is a great ablem hands down. every song is good. greenday always fills albems with good songs. like that one guy said.. some ppl are into Talib, Ill BIll, Immortal Technique
    lol what is that?
    greenday worth every cent. listen to it a few times and you'll be hooked
  16. american idiot wasnt bad but the stuff on dookie is much much better.

    their new good charlotte kind of gimmick is freaking gay though
  17. Dookie was one of the best albums of the 90's. Insomniac was ok. From there, all the albums have gone downhill. American Idiot has some good songs (Jesus of Suburbia), and some horrible ones (Blvd. of Broken Dreams- Don't try and say it's good, it's not). I enjoy some of the songs trashing the conservatives, but other than that, its was an average effort.

  18. Yea I was thinking to myself 'who the fuck would spend 12 bucks when they can download it for free?' - And then I realized it's probably someone who can use their parents credit card whenever they want. Well even still, if you love your parents you should've just downloaded it for free, or spent your own cash at a store so you get an actual cd and booklet etc. I love downloading full cds!

    Edit: it's all about the first 3 albums

  19. dude go fuck yourself how could anyone choose any form of emo over green day...they started everthing that is today...ramones, sex pistols, clash they started the punk movement and green day brought it back and perfected it...theyre getting older its obvious that thier music isnt always going to be snotty fuck the governent stuff....its an amazingfly album and anyone who says other should shut up because theres so much trash out there now a days later

    happy tokin :hippie:
  20. When they came out with that song "time of your life" i think was when they sold out. Ive heard that song on comercials, pregame highlights and shit. I had the 2 cds before dookie, dookie, and insomniac. Dookie in all honesty was their turning point, but they still had great songs on that album, a little more radio friendly. They just sound like everyother band out there now. Nothing defenitive about them anymore.

    There are worse albums than this, but there are also alot better ones out there. Just another Radio played out cd to me.

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