New Graffix Bong

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  1. Check it out, not bad for $35.

  2. shit, that's old skool. i can respect an old piece, as those were the shit when i was like 10 lol. not really my bag though. but good scoop, op.
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    I'm pretty sure they still make them, I see them in local shops a lot.
  4. That's sexy! I like it~

    I have a graffix. Only mine is a straight tube and dark purple, and there's no black piece at the top. Mine hits pretty well, but always gets clogged. I just wish it had an ice catcher.
    And my sticker came off once when I was cleaning it...
  5. i didnt know they still made graffix lol. brings back memories from like a decade ago.
  6. ahh lol kinda cute
  7. There was a guy at my college who would always use one of these to smoke dohka, they're so much better than carbs. If you get an acrylic this is the way to go
  8. Now i need to get an old skool binger !!!
  9. They have these at my LHS. My buddy bought one to replace his glass, and even though in pretty set on using glass I must admit his Graffix with the diffuser bread in the downstem works like a charm and was a really good bargain buy.
  10. Graffix is BACK!!!!!
    check your local stores...We are bigger and better than anytime before
    I haven't used a Graffix Acrylic in over 20 years, I was amazed on how strong and hard that hit....didn't move for twenty four minutes....

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