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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bluntedyouknow, May 20, 2006.

  1. i am new here i just was wondering if anyone could explain to me LST and the topping process i dont wanna mess anything up :confused:
  2. there are threads that can aswer your questions. check them out.:smoking:
  3. you posted this question in 3 different subforums (maybe more???) I even answered you in one linking you to a page that explained it. You also cross posted a question on watering your plants with alcohol in 3 subforums. And your other posts i have read include making fun of someone without a hookup...WHAT IS YOUR DEAL???[​IMG]
  4. yea man, u need to just wait, are mods and admins will remove threads that are in the wrong area. just put ONE thread in the right place. and dont post anymore, come back tom, and check, sorry if we cant answer your questions in 10 mins

    AND, use the search button man, since ur so impatient.

    But for the question, sorry, this is my first grow, so i dont know how to do that. but there are stickys in the growing forum that tell u
  5. ok sorry all im new here as you can see i have barley any posts it just seems like ppl dont talk and the reason i post more it beacuse more ppl viewing diffrent sections i will not post multiple questions anymore well about the same thing
  6. i was not making fun of anyone i said "how do you not have a link lol" not making fun just seems weird to me sorry for pissing you all off its not my intention i registered here to try to get some information not cause problems
  7. no its cool, wasnt meaning to be mean or anything. peoplpe dont know lol. But yea, on MOST topics, it takes, 1, maybe even 2 days, to get the response ur waiting for. Some topics are more or less known about and u have to wait for certain people to notice them, cause i dont know the answer, but it may take someone who does, to notice the thread. so only make 1.
  8. cool thanks man i got a next question for you i dont think its a problem though but i got seedlings getting first set of leaves one of the leaves is like distorted just a tiny little piece tho like a bug ate it or somthing? could this just be stress from comming out of the seed i did not germiante them in water i just put in dirt well buddy did i dont have to worry about this do i u cant even notice unless u lookin really close im trying to get hands on a camera
  9. nah man just let her grow, if it becomes a major problem in 2 or 3 weeks. address it on here again. but i have seen many of mine start like this, they will fix themselves. haha, they have been here longer than us i believe lol
  10. word i wanna get my hands on a camera to show u ppl shit my yard has no grass in it my mom owns her own flowershop it is all gardens not one patch off grass she gonna hide them for me lol

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