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New GonG...(Pics and Milk Vid)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by emagdnim13, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. My girlfriend broke my blue bong. she was cleaning it this morning because i had said the night before that i needed to clean it and she's cool like that. so i couldn't be to mad. that and it cost me 10 dollars to make it.

    she broke it around 9 am and we left for the headshop at about 1. we drove about 45 min to two headshops in joliet. both had very overpriced bongs.:mad:

    i was angry. they wanted 270 without tax or a bowl upgrade for the straight tube version of the bong i ended up getting.

    i then ventured into the city and found the pipe i was looking at but with a beaker bottom instead of a straight tube. it was 205 out the door with a diffused downstem and bigger bowl.:hello:

    i think i'm getting better at taking pics. let me know what you think.


  2. nice bong i like it :)
  3. nice bong, that looks like a bluedot. lol itd probly be smoother and easier to clear if u pulled out the whole downstem. none the less nice pickup for 205..
  4. ncie shit hldin that shit in
  5. Bluedots are the shit, I must say. Does yours have ice pinches at the dots?
  6. couldn't buy one without them
  7. Nice bong and a killer milk and rip. +rep
  8. nice bd.. ive had the wholesale connect on them for awhile, and they are pretty nice tubes.. solid for sure..

    heres my 3 foot 9mm thick triple diffused bd cylinder.. custom of course, with fuming at the mouthpieces, etc..


    Attached Files:

  9. that is a good looking bong.

    and a very nice milk.

    i'm smoking this thing right now. so much smoother than my old piece.
  10. nice necklace, got one just like it... and oh yea nice bong ;)
  11. Yo! E_13 I love your new BD I like their bongs man they r super sweet, the vid did not work for me but its cool the pics were enough to let me see the beauty. Nice bong bro. JOE>
  12. nice bong small bowl though
  13. the bowl actually holds 5 or 6 hits.

    i don't know how much more i need to pack at once.

    IMO small bowls let you control your high much better, but this bowl isn't even that small.

    i upgraded from the tiny 2 hit bowl they had on there to this one. maybe it's just a bad pic.
  14. You happen to live in Arizona?

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