New GonG bong

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    Well, since i got my pay check thought i would add another to the collection, went to the shop instantly was diggin the whole t-pot theme, had to take it.

    edit: if you can't tell its got the t-pot bowl, and it is a natty perc with another dome perc behind the bowl, and ice notches are hidden too i think

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  2. hahah that mouth piece is hilarious, i have never seen anything like that. cool set up dude, but the angle on the a/c is kinda dumb....
  3. yeah aha, i know i was kind of bummed, it wont fit directly on because the joint of the ac is slanted = \
  4. nice glass man how much it run you?
  5. everything all together was listed at 220$ and i got it for 170$ probably could have gotten better for the price but i like the design
  6. nice thats not bad, def like the tea cup though hahah

    im going to pick up a new piece here soon i cant wait:D

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