New Glass!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I got this piece at my LHS and it cost me $44, i think i got a pretty kick ass deal, it has a slitted diffuser down stem and is glass on glass with a 14.5 mm joint, and an ice pinch. its my first bong.
  2. looks like shes gotten some good use already haha
    hows she hit? for the price she looks pretty good
  3. Wow for $44 dollars that looks like some pretty thick glass

    Nice tube my friend :smoke:
  4. $45? cant beat it.
  5. Yeah it's 5mm thick, and the dude at the shop said I wasn't going to find glass this thick for even close to the price, but I thought he was just trying to make a sale haha.
  6. Got a $50 gong with 5 mm glass and a diffused downstem and icecatch for $45 with a free pipe case and glass cig one hitter, looks quite a bit like yours

  7. Yeah I probably ran 5 grams through her, and she hits like a champ with the ice and six arm diffuser it is super smooth.
  8. double post much?
  9. I hope you mean 6 slit diffuser. Not 6 arm lol.

  10. yeah that's what i meant.

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