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  1. Damn, why don't my local head shops carry shit like that?

    It's all overpriced, thin, China crap. And some fake roors... Which are at least thick, but they're fake and way overpriced..... $70 for a mini not GoG roor..
  2. I know this looks high quality, but it can be purchased online for around the same price. It's a great little guy nonetheless, but it's not borosilicate.
  3. Lol yeah I feel like I got a good deal on it :smoke:
  4. That bowl piece in your first pic looks sick! Is it disk diffused?
  5. sweet, love the milk shot :)
  6. really? can you inform us of what kind of glass it is then?
  7. It's boro but it's china boro. Not HQ boro.
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  8. nice to see some common sense around here for once.

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