New Glass: Wicked Sands (pics)

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  1. Today when I was in boulder I grabbed this WS 10 arm mini. I was disapointed that it didn't come with a diffy but my straight tube diffys fit perfectly in it since its sooo small. Haven't got the chance to hit it yet cuz my wisdom teeth just got chizzled out of my jaw n it hurts like a motherfucker to smoke. The last pic is what im doing tonight insted of smoking haha.

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  2. How thick are those ws tubes? Sturdy? Lookin to buy one as my portable bong
  3. yeah right!! wtf is with that why dont they come with diffy's

    and what is that a nice bag of tony yayo!? its shining like it is... lol have a grizzeat night haha
  4. The tube is thick. Not sure how thick but the beaker is thick as well as the straight section. The joint is fuckin MASSIVE though.
  5. It ain't Yay bud. Its K.:)
  6. whats that in the baggie??

  7. I KNEW IT, i was gonna post thats some ket. i know it didnt look like coke
  8. Yup man nice call. Shit is POTENT. Grabbed a vile. Its actually light blue you just can't really tell in the pic.

  9. yea got some K today and tried it for the first time. haha felt like i was floating. so the look was fresh in my mind
  10. so u tweak.
  11. K isn't meth or an upper even. It's a dissociative.
  12. K IS THE SHIT!!!! The perfect drug for gettin your wisdom teeth out. Nice 10 arm. Does that have the new reenforced trees? Nice stuff
  13. i wouldnt even know bro i dont mess with anything thats not weed or a black. sorry but i came from a very bad past of real drugs and yea. im just not kool with ppl that do that stuff. sorry bro but shit just aint right. i dont understand why ppl do it.
  14. its ketamine a animal tranquilliser

    i had 2 does the other day 10$ a dose
  15. Na trees aren't reinfored unfortunatly. The tube was only 230 which seemed like a legit price for a ten arm by Luke Wilson and the tube itself it decently thick for its size so I couldn't pass it up. And ya man this K is helping me get through this whole wisdom teeth thing since I can't smoke bud or cigs.
  16. I wouldn't even know where to get K, but how much did that baggy right there cost you?
  17. :confused:Congratulations now leave my thread.
  18. If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything, for me personally drugs help me get away from problems (yes i know its not a permanent solution) I also enjoy trying new things.

    and OP post the K pickup in pandoras box, alot less close minded people there. id throw u some rep but i gave 2 much today:eek:
  19. man i dont understand why ws wouldnt put ice nothes on that, itd be that much sicker cuz it could hold ice without taking the chance of breaking the perc and itd be a nice splash guard considering there isnt one

    edit i forgot to say, very nice tube looks really sleek and i like how its a mini
  20. It would be hard to fit ice in it because of the extremely narrow bore. I suppose you could if the ice was crushed up but I just don't really see a need for ice notches on the tube.

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