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  1. What up GC? Just got from the local headshop with a few fresh pieces. I was talking to my buddy in there last week, he mentioned a new glass company called We The People, out of Chester County PA. Apparently these guys are gonna be putting out some quality pipes. He also has told me that they took most of illadelph's better glass blowers. So I went back today and came home with these.

    15 Inch Pinched Straight Tube
    This bong is veryy nice, definitely my new favorite and my official DD. I really have no complaints, joint is nice and thick, the base is abou tthe size of a cd and is also very beefy. The label looks awesome, on the side not in the front like everyone else. The pinch is so cool, something different instead of a straight tube with some notches in it. I'm really happy with this one, she rips.

    10 Inch Single Can Perc'd Doubler
    Well, this thing is just awesome. I dont have much to say about it besides how much i love it, hits soo well, looks soo nice. Four arm tree percs, ice pinched slide, this thing is fucking sweet.:smoke:

    So there you have it, WE THE PEOPLE GLASS, keep your eyes peeled for these.
  2. Sick bubbler... wow.
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    Wow! beautiful pieces, I really like it. I'm looking around for a new gong, and that tube with the bubb looks soooo nice. Nice ice pinch slide too, love mine to death. I'm kinda close to chester county, might have to take a road trip. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the tube and the bub run you?

    Very nice glass, thanks for posting, +rep!
  4. Lovin that bubbler - stick a little ashcatcher on there and you'd have the perfect on the go setup. + rep.
  5. resize your fucking pics
  6. The base on that bong looks thin but very cool bubbler. Nice pick ups.
  7. Can you make the pics a little bigger? :-D

    Looks pretty sick
  8. That looks like a nice bong =P

    We The People make Bmx bikes i believe.. probably not the same company that makes the glass.
  9. Loving that bubbler man, i would kill to get my hands on one of those. Are they only sold locally at the moment, or did u buy this elsewhere?

  10. Thanks man, but I would rather not say how much these pipes costed me.

    The doubler is fucking amazing! it just hits so well and smoothly. Only down side to it is that the tube pictured above it cost a few dollars less so it is expensive but well worth it imo. I pIcked all this up at Artifax in Philly, they have a nice selection from WTP:smoke:
  11. sick pieces dude
  12. oh man that is some SICK SICK SICK SICK glass, please post some milk shots, i beg you!
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    Not a big fan of the bong but that bubbler looks pretty fuckin awesome, dude.
  14. I don't even know what to say about that bubbler man, just wow... that is very very unique. +rep for sure.
  15. Ummm....that bubbler is fucking epic. :eek:
  16. ya lets see a milk of that bubbler im dying to see what it will look like.
  17. the bottom DOES look a little thin
    but the bubbler IS awesome
  18. Nice pickups man! Don't see too many people with We The People glass, always enjoy the exposure to more pics!
  19. nice piece brah.
  20. Lovin the bubbler bro

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