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    Well let me start off by saying, this new tube is amazing. Its 7mm thick, amazing sturdy joint, and base. It came with a small tag sitting in the ice catch with a logo of a company called "The Notch tm".

    I've never heard of them, if anyone has any info on the company i'd definitely love to know more, but regardless i definitely recommend it, it's my new daily driver.

    Onto the pics!

    This is the tag that came inside.

    And here's 'the notch' lol
    (and yes it's symmetrical, it's just the angle)
  2. The tube looks crazy, but I like it.

    Nice stuff man.
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    Any pic of the bong in all its glory? Cant picture it with just the fragmentted pics

    /edit woops 2nd pic didnt load first time for me

    Looks like a good pickup! Looks sturdy and thick, and the incl. diffuser is always nice. Sweet deal dude, how's she smoke?
  4. That's a pretty badass tube... I love the ice catch style, and the whole thing looks REALLY thick... usually when people say that they're trying to sound knowledgeable or something, and it doesn't look thick... but that looks rerally thick, and in general, badass.
  5. Milk? How much you pay for that? :smoke:
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    Thanks a lot guys, im glad you all like it! I'll post up a milk when i can, probably be later today. And as for price, it was 160 and included that diffy and bowl.
  7. that looks HOT. i love how it's just simple and clean. very impressive.
  8. thats a f'n sick bong
  9. We just found a few of these at a local headshop. Bought one and love it. You're the only person on the internet that we can find with another one!
  10. I saw one of these at a head shop a few weeks ago. Cool stuff. The lady said they had just gotten a bunch in.


  11. Really? Did she say anything else about them? Just wondering where glass of this quality originates.
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    Will we post a milkshot right as soon as we reclaim our precious?

  13. looks like a very solid bong dude, i think the base on that is thicker than the toro bases :eek:
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    Notice the jet that is a result of the "notch".
  15. Beautiful Piece. Nice to see something in a tube that sets it apart.
  16. Nice tube.

    That catch doesn't cause drag does it? I've always bought 100% straight bongs, no add ons or percs. Only curious. Really nice looking!
  17. That name totally fits, looks BA.

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