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    this is a video of me and my boys chilln in my room
    fathead inline is new on the roor.

    i dont know how to line the video :(
    EDIT: i know how to link im just smacked

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2pWH0wTmNU"]YouTube - Our Little Gauntlet[/ame]
  2. nice bongs +rep
  3. lol two bics
    AND A TORCH!!!

    lol ya gotta do what ya gotta do :D

  4. no lie!!!

    atleast no one can steal that beast haha
  5. sick bongs!
    we about to do the same tomorrow when my friend gets back from a trip.
    bic lighters all day:metal:
  6. Dude awesome smoking session, i gotta start chilling with you :wave:

    How much did you pay for those nasty bongs
  7. hahah yeah bics are whats up, i always smoke with an orange bic for the orange label roor. the roor cost me 400 with a pill bottle ashcatcher but i bought that inline and diffys for it for 200 for all that. the phx was 100 from a kid. and the phire was like 200. my ashcatcher is on the phire i think in that video.
  8. bump
    i have a question too, do they make a 14mm roor carbon filter?
  9. If there is an award for milkshot videos I'm nominating you guys.
  10. mad man +rep there some nice pieces man.

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