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    so i just got my order from CGP. surprisingly i was pleased, i didnt see the bad reviews till after i ordered. not the exact color pipe i ordered but it said color selection may vary.

    it almost matches my other bowl tho so im happy:D only downside was it took almost a month to get here.....

    this thing blew me n my friends away......pretty thick, more than i thot it was gonna be at least. got the double bowl 1 and the grinder for 30$ shipped

    P.S. srry for the shitty pics, hopefully no-one will bad rep me for shitty pics this time



  2. thats tight as hell i love the 2 bowls in one.+rep
  3. Never seen the double bowl.. very cool!!
  4. thanks guys, yea, its pretty sweet, only me and one other friend could take a decent hit w/o coughing, it is 2 hits at once after all....
  5. that looks insane +rep
  6. Wow double bowl fun +rep :hello:
  7. 2 bowls seems like it would waste weed but damn I bet that hits HARD
  8. That Double is awesome. I am really jealous
  9. Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
  10. I haven't seen a bowl like that in a while, let alone hit one.
  11. Is there a carb on both bowls?
  12. this is awesome! never seen anytthing like this before! + rep :]
  13. nope, just 1 carb. im soo fuckin ripped right now from this thing
  14. ...why would there be?
  15. I'm super jealous. Double bowl looks tight, and I dig the sherlock to.
  16. nice spoons, man! that double bowl thing looks cool to try out.. not sure if i would like it as my normal piece, though. Anyways, nice!
  17. sweet double bowl, 30 bucks is a very good price. my friend paid 80 for his from a local smoke shop, although it is a very hefty piece. how thick is the glass on yours?
  18. im not sure exactly but its pretty hefty, it surprised me
  19. Nice bowl, but what really made me love the picture was the lighter, i got one just like that in a bic 5 pack and after calling it gay and telling one of my friends they could have it i realized what a mistake i made. Now we all try to steal it from each other lol:hello:

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