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    Its nothin' fancy, just got sick of having to bring a bubbler or some other monsterous device with to smoke when I go out so I picked up this little bowl for travel purposes. It's nice and thick, hits pretty good for a small dry piece and I like the color so I consider it a good deal. The shop was asking 35 but I got it for 20.


    pic edit:
    Here's one of it's home. I've had this case for years but the pipe it was bought for is regretebly no longer with us (RIP Hunger Force) so this one took up residence.

  2. its pretty cute man i had one similar to tht
  3. Looks nice.
  4. Adorable! :D
  5. nice spoon!
  6. thats a beauty
  7. Nice man I had the same problem with my bong but I just got a Spoon for my birthday. :)
  8. I just saw yours. Same colors but mine has green instead of the white.
  9. Very cute spoon! I like it, also looks pretty durable as well.

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