New Glass Set-Up

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    Roor Rasta SteamRoller with wet a/c..Hits like a champ.

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  2. lets see some milk now :smoke:
  3. I like it! A different twist on the every day glass bong. But lets see a vid of you hitting it!
  4. nice glass man.
  5. nice glass. Milk?
  6. I almost bought the same thing about 2 weeks ago when i went to check out new glass.
    if you dont mind me asking how much did it cost you? just wanted to compare prices :p

    Also how does it hit??
  7. Ran me 150 for the glass, 180 total with a nice Roor bag. didn't really shop around so I don't know if I overpayed.
    Very smooth monster hits, goes down like a milk shake haha.:smoke:

    Will do on milk pics.
  8. dude i got to see you hit that.
  9. i've always wanted to do that with a steam roller. I really like that lets see a milk.
  10. Badass Set up!
  11. That's an awesome steamroll man. Let's see some milkage for sure
  12. hold the steamroller label sideways and the ashcatcher straight vertical, will have best results.
  13. ive seen alot of these popping up around.
  14. hellll ya bro, steam rollers are the way to go, and roor is the steem roller to use. its so fucking tight how the diffuser pushes the smoke down to the bottom of of the tube and it creeps up.


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