*NEW Glass!* Royal Ice Pinch Slide

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  1. Got this in the mail yesterday! Thanks BFG! Thanks to Closet Smoker for the sick picture. Hopefully will be picking up a Nikon D5000 next week:smoking:
    Everyone needs an ice pinch in their collection they provide great flow.

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  2. i love Royal
    and that particular work looks great

    was it the exact same slide as pictured on bfg?
    i'm reluctant to order glass online

  3. Yes exact same slide pictured on BFG.
  4. Sick slide, I need me one pha sho
  5. saw that one on there and ever since i've been wanting a black slide. for some reason the dark slides pop to me.
  6. Some amazing glass man. Where online did you get it?
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    Plan on picking up a orange label toro stemless disc/13 cause i think it would match rather well.

    Sent you a PM
  8. grrrr.

    jealousy factor on the slide and possible camera pick up.

    i want a new nikon so bad. my d200 rocks but i drool everytime i see a d3.
  9. i dig that slide atl fresh fo sho +rep
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    BFG doesn't update enough. I saw that and wanted to pick it up, but almost immediatley it is on here for show, hahaha.
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    thats the truth brother. had a conversation about that today. i understand that he wants to rep the sick glass that HAS been on his site, but he needs to put SOLD on items that have already been...sold lol.

    so many times, i have been barred because a slde has been sold. wanted that blue koi blasted slide for the longest time and was denied like three or four months ago and it is still on there. kinda ridiculous for potential buyers everywhere. don't het me wrong. i love bfg. chillest dude ever, but needs to do something bout that.

    Edit: ATL, forgot to comment on how sick that slide is man...just got a new royal myself...remember how we were talking about which ones we wanted. Love the fire scheme. Absolutely gorgeous. All the new ones have the most perfect pinches. flowwwin
  12. Sick slide man! I can't for wait for heady glass to get their new shipment of royal slides in. Anyway +rep
  13. that is sooo nice! love the colours.

    where did you get that online?

    do they ship to canada?

  14. Thanks bro!

    Yeah you have to watch that site like a hawk in order to get a chance to get what you want.

    I completely agree. BFG is big enough now where they need a shopping cart setup.

    Yeah HG is supposed to be getting all kind of goodies in:)

    BFG. Pm me if u want further details.
  15. such a sweet looking slide!!!!
  16. love the royal. Colors look vibrant against the black.

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