New Glass - RooR carbon filter [Pics + Milkvid]

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by KSpliff, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I picked up a roor carbon filter at my local headshop for $40. Ive used them before and they're great so i decided to get one for my new PHx Trinity to keep it cleaner, longer.

    Anyone else use these? I know I've seen a few pics of them on pieces around here

    I'll post before and after pics after i get some good use out of it but in the meantime, here's a milkshot for ya


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  2. holy shit on a stick how much did you pay for that bong? that thing is beutiful

  3. It goes for just over $300 CAD, and thanks :hello:
  4. Nice, how you feel about the carbon filter? Can you cash into it? Does it take away any of the potentcy? Taste? Tell me whatcha think.

  5. ^^ i would also like to know. also, beautiful piece man! sexy:smoking::smoking:

  6. I like it, with brand new carbon in it, it adds nearly zero drag to a bong with percs on it. You can cash into it but as you'd imagine, it eventually builds up and you just have to change the carbon sooner. Doesn't take away from potency or taste, a little bit smoother but it definitely keeps my piece looking nice
  7. damn well once i get my own place to live im definately going to get me one of those, its a bitch just to hide my little metal pipe from my parents, i cant even imagine trying to hide one of those haha
  8. Cool cool thinking about picking up one for the roor mini perc, do you think it would be as effective/add as little drag with an inline on my mini as well
  9. im definately going to have to invest in a carbon filter, but it would make my bowlpiece be practically at the level of the mouthpiece :smoking::p... sacrifice aesthetics for function i guess.
  10. Sick bong, sick song!

    Nice pickup bro.
    [ame=""]YouTube - pendulum fasten your seatbelts[/ame]
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    quit pulling out the bowl and pull out the carbon adapter you yekkel.
  12. That bong is ill man.

  13. I would imagine so. As long as you change up the carbon every 25-30 hits or so it'll barely be a noticeable difference in drag.
  14. I like the video with the over head lighting and the black background. It shows off the bong well.

    Your macros, on the other hand, fail.
  15. Should be pulling out the downstem, not the carbon adapter.

  16. I'll smoke my glass however i like you cock-mange

    *its traviss' carbon adapter that convinced me to get mine
  17. What the hell? Who pulls out the downstem? That is just prone to breaking not only its utterly useless.

    Ive been doing it a while with my orange zumo and im just mind boggled people pull out the down stem.
  18. nobody pulls out the downstem except that kid...
  19. I think the reason the bowl is separate is so you DON'T have to pull out the downstem, that risks breakage...
  20. Everyone complaining must have Parkinson's disease.

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