new glass pickup!

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  1. [​IMG]
    picked this up today from Liquid Glass in NY. hits pretty well. $300 for the whole thing, including ash catcher. came with another bowl thats not in the picture. a little overpriced, but good enough for my first bong :bongin:
  2. Very nice PHX.

    I wouldn't say that it is over priced either.

    EDIT: you didn't mention the ice trap. Making sure you notice it lol
  3. that shits tight man! $300 seems a bit much for it, but it looks like it was worth it.
  4. oh yeah, i know therse an ice pinch
    the downstem is also diffused
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    niccee pickup always wanted a phx :smoke:
  6. nice bro, 300, ehhh i wouldnt say you got ripped off, but its high priced

    VERY nice setup all glass i cant really tell but 18"-24" looks nice go hit it and come back and tell us if it hits hard or what:D
  7. Nice phx, i really like their straight shots. $300 is a little pricey if you ask me

    I have a beaker bottom trinity that i got for $165, and was $330 regular.

    Either way, nice pickup, enjoy!

    Also, Where tha milk at?
  8. milk vid coming soon.
    my friend recorded has the camera so gotta wait on him
    i'd say its around 18" or so
    oh and it hits so nice
    very glad i picked it up today :]

  9. Does that ashcatcher piece have a carb on it? It looks almost identical to the stock bowl on my roommates 7mm gear
  10. nah no carb

  11. dont even worry about the money, your first bong is worth going all out
  12. pretty sweet,
    id pay $250 for it though
  13. yea even without the carb in the ashcatcher i have the excact same bong made by Gear (my a/c dosnt have one either)lol and got it for half the price ....the base doesnt look that thick either lol is it im just askin ? whats the mm on the 5 or 7? just wondeing looks over priced

  14. at the smoke911 by my house theyre selling a worked toro mini w/ 8-arm tree perc for 300. :hello::hello:
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    its 5 mm thick
    bad news: slight crack in the ashcatcher
    doesnt leak air or anything but it just hurts seeing the crack there
    ash catcher isnt as thick i guess lol
  16. sorry to hear about that. its just an excuse to get a better one :D
  17. lol
    i could still use the bowl it came with but i guess i'll get a new better one when it decides to break
  18. Nice...

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