New Glass Pickup **ZOB WUBBLER**

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  1. I picked up this Zob Wubbler last week.... heres some pictures.



    Girlfriend smoking the wubbler

    Friend smoking
  2. Nice! That bowl looks huge haha
  3. Wubblers are definitely one of my favorite new-ish pieces out right now. Hah, i like how the smoke fills up the chamber except for about an inch at the top. It looks pretty cool.
  4. nice dude, i love these things. glad you got the straight looks tight. should have gotten the 8 arm one. i've never hit any of these i'd love to.
  5. jesus just noticed all the beer boxes in the background haha... I think I first saw the ZOBs in a youtube video by "The WEED Report" I thought they looked pretty epic, still do.
  6. Yeah im loving this piece it hits really smooth.
    I wish i got the 8 arm one, i went in to the headshop not expecting to buy anything but i liked the price on this so i got it.
  7. Nice. You are actually the first person I've seen with one outside a convention. +rep for that! Not to be nosey and you don't have to answer but about how much did that run? I've always wondered that since I seen it. How how tall is it too (from base to mouthpiece)? I have a LW 10 arm bubbler and I always wondered how they compare. Once again...nice pickup for sure.

    Sorry for the questions...I've just always been curious about those cuz Zob is definitely doing their thing these days.
  8. Thanks for the rep. I believe I got the Wubbler for 135 and its about 16 inches from the base to the mouth piece. (thats just a guess)
  9. nice wubbler. it looks like a lot of fun to smoke.
  10. Hell yeah man! Love ZOB... just got an 8 arm beaker bottom tube. The wubblers are sick!:wave:
  11. where did you pick this up at,and what was the price if you dont mind me askin,,thinking about making a couple of these fully worked,,,,,,,,,thanks for sharing,peace LEAR
  12. Oh my God. Incredible bub. I've seen them for sale online but I did NOT realize they were that big, or impressive. Looks perfect for lounging around, getting absurdly baked.
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    noobish, but whats the green thing for?

    edit: is it a lighter holder?

  14. lol what are you calling noobish? i hope yourself, and that green thing is a k-clip, keeps the diffy from coming out when you pull the slide.
  15. Such a nice piece man, I saw those on the weed report and wanted one ever since. I love the style of the mouthpiece, nice pickup.
  16. nice...girlfriend
  17. Think he was referring to his question being noobish.
  18. Thanks dude, its alot of fun to smoke.
    Yeah im loving it so far, its my first ZOB.

    135 and ill PM you where i got it.

    Thanks man
  19. the wubbler looks nreal nice!

    as does the female
  20. of course i meant the question. what are you, high? anyway thanks for the answer

    sick wubbly bubbly

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