New Glass Pickup- SG Sovereignty Worked 8 Arm Mini Perc

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  1. What's up GC?

    Just snagged this at the local headshop. I think I've found a replacement for the Zumo Mini Perc in my collection, lol.

    Here's some pictures-







    Notice how low the slits are on the arms? And also that the arms are closed at the bottom? It's so you can put as little water as possible in the perc and minimize drag-


    Anyone recognize the splashguard as the same piece he uses to make the Inverted Four Arm Percs?


  2. i thought the splashguard was an inverted perc. sick glass as always
  3. that thing is soo sick :smoke:
  4. I was sad when you said you sold the Hedman.

    However, this more than makes up for it with those uber clean lines on the perc and that splashguard.
  5. sick as hell man...pickin some blueberry up lets sesh....
  6. Brilliant and gorgeous, cut this crap out trikky, stop hogging all the heady glass.
  7. trikky.....dude.....i dont even know what to say.

    Every time you post some of your glass im always like some day i will have something that nice.

    How the hell do you find all your stuff? what headshops are you going too?? damn dude, you should have the time of your life when you get to cali haha. Fresh ass bud, with your nice ass its going to be the best of the best.
  8. sooo sweet trikky, i love the fade to clear on the perc. How tall is that bad boy?
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    he lives in humblotd county aka weed central lol.
  10. sick glass trikky

    i was pretty confused by that splashguard at first but thats sick, reduce drag alot or what?
  11. the fitter? or have you moved out to CA already?
  12. I always do love Sovereignty glass... SO clean
  13. doesnt mean they get the best bud. Im not tryin to get hella drama up in this thread. SO lets agree to disagree :smoke:
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    I love it Trikky! I need to get a really nice tube sometime soon.

    I was looking at a SG 8 arm straight tube, but it was too pricey ($400).

    I might save up and hope the price falls, b/c I really want one.
  15. Just pointing it out dude, nothing but love from me, you know that :wave:
  16. You and me both.

    I've seen some nice glass at The Cave, which I think I mentioned to you before, or out on Haight + Ashbury, and I think that there is a handblown shop in the city, but I'm not 100% sure, all I know is I was driving by really stoned, and saw it glowing with beauty, like an oasis. So I have plans on checking out that place once I have the money.

    Oh and there is place on Haight + Ashbury [space cadet on the name] that has handmade pieces as well as awesomeeee glass.
  17. ^^ going there in a week... so excited.

  18. San Francisco or specifically Haight + Ashbury? My friend and I go maybe once or twice a month. I'm a sucker for looking around at weird things, and well, that's the place to do it.

    [sorry, didn't mean to highjack]
  19. I mostly buy my tubes from the Fitter in Boulder, or Heady Glass in Denver. But I've gotten them from many places besides that.
    14 inches total.
    Drag? LOL.
    The Fitter.
    Yeah I called the manager of the Fitter last night. I was bullshittin with him on the phone, and thought about this tube. I asked him to drop $100 off the price for me, and he did it without hesitation. Really fucking cool dude.

    Thanks to everyone who responded.
  20. lol i guess that answers my question but when is jp gonna pick up on this new splashguard so i can get some of that out my way

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