NEW glass on glass 14mm bowl.....40 shipped

Discussion in 'General' started by Green_Life, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. pics upon request. Bought new today at local head shop but didnt tell me that there were no returns after i accidently sized my water pipe up. SO im out a few bucks so if your looking its brand new!
  2. One word; craigslist.

  3. Beat me too it.

    Nice sig too.
  4. Thanks amigo. Just made it.
  5. I can't find SHIT on craigslist in my area mayn... But QFT anyways. Pretty sure it's against forum rules to talk about selling anything to anyone on here on the boards.. But not sure.
  6. Yea, the mods usually frown upon selling anything on here. I've seen people get away with shipping random things for free when people win contests, but other than that I don't believe it's allowed.

  7. whoops, ok.
  8. Thanks for understanding! +rep to you.


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