New glass. Names?

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  1. So I got this for about $30 the other day at my local head shop. I have yet to christen it (post surgery, been too busy with hell). Any ideas for names? The "clear" part is actually color changing.

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    Wesley Pipes, Sally(hense the salimander lizard thing), frogger, Geico...just some names i though of

  3. geico: so simple a caveman could smoke out of it

  4. haha lol
  5. Kermit.
  6. but it's not a frog o_O

  7. Oh damn, I thought it was. Haha :cool:
  8. What about like "buggin" or "bugged out" like how people say like "yo im buggin right now" when there really high... Kinda cheesy but idk haha or maybe "the aquarium" (assuming the glass turns blue) that way you and your friends could be like "wanna go hit up the aquarium today?"

  9. Hmmm....something along the lines of buggin might just fit. I'll only know when I christen it. And I'm saving that for my first night after getting my jaws unwired :) Gonna be a gooooood night :smoking:

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