New glass!!! Name Sugestions

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  1. I picked up this bubbler last week in nyc. When i was in the shop i was lookin around the place and i didnt really see anything of interest in my price range. I kind of just wanted a new water piece and i saw this bubbler and it was the exact same thing as my friend got in a shop down the street except his is alot smaller and just a dry bowl. Since then its become one of my favorite pieces. So ive been hitting it for awhile and cant seem to think of anything for a name so i figured id ask on here. I like short simple creative names and for this one i wud like it to have something to do with the rasta stripe but it dosent have to be. Thanks for the sugestions

  2. Elevation Station
  3. Rasta Pasta. Hahaha
  4. NO WAIT DUDE. Name it the "Zion Train". In Rasta religion, Zion in reality is Africa, but Rasta's see it as Heaven.
  5. Rasta Blasta<

    Rasta Ribbon<

    The fakin' Jamaican<

    Rasta Roaster<

    Or something simple like Rasta Bob,

    or Jamaican Me baked :confused: :smoke:

    I don't know, I always come up with a hundred names for my bongs, then just stick with the one I think is the best, Or I'll ask for my friends suggestions and choose from those...
  6. Thanks huys keep them comin i like some of them so far
  7. Generally I name my pieces by first smoking out of them and the first thing that comes to my head after the sesh is their name. My last bong was named "whoa" because of this.

  8. Nice piece man! Simply call it Peace or Rasta!

    And how much did you pay for it?
  9. OP, tell us what you finally name! Check out my newest piece too. I posted a thread about it under bongs and stuff. It's the one about a mushroom bong haha.

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