New Glass Homemade!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by elemaoh, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Just made this today. Used a Vodka bottle we found at a liquor store.

  2. Thats pretty slick.
  3. Those bottles are meant to be used as bongs. Holland isn't particularly well known for its vodka lol.
  4. Yeah...

    Lol I saw those bottles on ebay, but not even drilled yet, for 60+... leeches.
  5. how'd u make the whole/where'd you get the stem?
  6. sick did u use a diamond drill bit?????? what size bit did u use
  7. Bong Vodka has a similar look/purpose. Just drill/tap a hole where its meant to be, add a stem, add some of your favorite dank, and sit back for a good time =)
  8. hey elemaoh wht angle did u drill tht at cuz when i have made homemade glass bongs i cant get the angle on the downstem/bowl right.
  9. Drilled the hole with a Tile/Glass drill bit and a drill / Stem is just a cheap one from a head shop here I use.

    No -- Wasnt a diamond drill bit just a basic tile/glass (Heres an example: Bit-***NIP***_W0QQitemZ270336832406QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090129?IMSfp=TL090129126011r9132#ebayphotohosting)

    And as far as size, I used the biggest I had and it was to small, so I had to do it manually by running it along the sides.

    The bottle actually has like a pre-marked spot to drill. I just drilled through there and happened to have a bowl that was small enough.
  10. that's a really clean looking homemade bong!
  11. i love those bottles!
  12. Haha thats ballin' Yah I read in high times that the sobe glass drink is actually made for a g-bong. At the bottom of the bottle theres a little in dent where you can push a whole in very easily to make a glass g-bong :D Fucking sweet shit if you ask me

    JUUUUST BLAZE :smoke:

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