New Glass: Hefe Faucet and Hefe Windowed Teardrop

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  1. Just grabbed these slides today. The Hefe faucet is black and white but it fades to clear as well which you can't really see in the pics. Faucet work is great. The other is a Hefe windowed teardrop. Both slides have perfect pushes for snaps. Pics really don't do them justice. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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  2. sweet hefe's!
  3. WOW those are beautiful.... i love the blue one. how much did you pay for those if you dont mind me asking
  4. dope dude. i was looking at the faceted one myself. looks so proper and it's black and white so it's that much more badass. word, nice slides. i am jealous.
  5. Well the black and white one was 150 but I got it for a bill. And the teardrop was tagged at 165 but I snagged it for 120. The owner of Heady Glass is kool as fuck. He hooked it up as usual. I don't really like buying from other shops because they are stingy about prices.

    Thanks bro!
  6. Wow, those things are pretty tight, i would absolutely love to have a Hefe teardrop for my EHLE

    +rep, because i always plus rep people who are subject to my personal glass envy :devious:
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    very sick i love that he's doing teardrops now it goes so well with the window!

    nice grab man!!!
  8. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. that teardrop is wild man, i love it. +rep for some great eyecandy.:D
  10. Sooo dope man, i love hefe's work

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