New Glass and Stash [56k Beware]

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  1. sick bong
  2. I took 4 rips of the stuff pictured last night and was in another world to say the least!

    The one thing that I was pleasantly suprised about this bong is how cool the smoke gets without adding ice to the top. It seems to be much cooler than straight tube bongs that don't have ice in them. I am very satisfied with this purchase!
  3. I'll def get a milk shot in when I get around to it.
  4. my friend has a bong exactly like that but it doesn't have the zong logo on it. We've always called it a zong, but is it technically a zong?
  5. I have seen a Zong without a logo before, but all of the new ones I have seen have at least the baked on Zong logo at the top of the pipe. The tube will be the same pattern also. I have seen Zong rip offs that just look odd but have the tube kinked, but not exactly in the same pattern.
  6. Sick zong dude
    and nice chronic
  7. Thanks, 'bout to take some rips! :bongin:
  8. i love zongs. and that marble on that zong is sexy man congrats on that pick up
  9. Cool post, and i'm not trying to be a dick or anything. But how can you SEE how sticky it is. lol.

    Btw, awesome GonG
  10. I fucking love that ZONG! total BA!
  11. Hell yeah, it looks even better in person actually!

    It is very sticky icky!

  12. Sweet bong and weed.

  13. Hey man, thats a pretty sick Zong you got too, i just picked up one actually 2 days ago. They hit so hard eh, and the drag isnt even bad, mine hits nice atleast. Mine is a clear tubing and it has red around the top and a snake on it. Nice bong though:bongin:
  14. bongs dont fuck u up...weed does:smoking:
  15. Thanks, man. Yeah, I do not notice any drag at all.
  16. i have a friend with a very similar bong he got his for 200 though, so great pickup
  17. that is sick
  18. wow man, that zonger is gorgeous!

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