New Glass and Stash [56k Beware]

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    Here is a new Zong and slide that I picked up today on an impulse buy. I haven't hit it yet, but will tonight.


    And now for the's just some NorCal no-name dank. They are 2 different kinds, but smoke similarly.

    Group 1


    Group 2


    Also, what about a name for my piece? I am thinking "Jack the Ripper" or something similar to that, but am open to any suggestion.

    Sorry about the pics being sideways. This is my first time uploading pics and I'm tired of fucking with it. Next time, I'll straighten them out.
  2. That is tight I wish I had one but I can't find a Zong anywhere
  3. Yeah, I just stopped by the shop and they never used to have them. They just got Zongs in and some nice THICK pieces from US Pipes or something. I didn't plan on picking anything up, but I haven't seen a Zong in a shop ever, but have wanted one since seeing them in Kottonmouth King's Dopeumentary.
  4. that zong marble looks fucking dope
  5. That was one of the reasons I picked it up. It was between that, and another Zong with a rasta color themed logo that was all clear glass and no marble.

    Does anyone know what size this joint is so that I can pick up some keck clips? Sorry, this is my first bong I have purchased.
  6. that would be a 14.5
  7. I'm not trying to bash on zong or anything but why are people so nuts over them? They look like they have a lot of drag since its not just a straight tube... and not only that it makes the bong hard to hide and id be afraid of breaking it! Overall nice pickup though
  8. cus think about it, if the zig zag was straightened look how long i would be, zongs are not that expensive and from what i heard fuck u up really bad.

    i was thinking of getting one, idk if i should?

    oh and btw that weed look soooo sticky nice
  9. I took the first hit about 15 mins ago and I am ripped. It doesn't have a lot of drag at all! Feels just right.

    The tube would be mad long if it were stretched out. Also if it tips it won't spill as easy with the Z's in the tube.

    The bud has got me feeling like this guy -->:smoking:
  10. So I should get the 14/20 size clip, right? Sorry, I just don't to fuck up the size of a clip haha.
  11. bump, for the confirmation on the 14/20 keck clip size
  12. Very nice pick up man
  13. Thanks man. Anyone know the word on keck clips so I can order some tonight?
  14. Sweet Zong man!!! how much did she run ya???:confused:

  15. The Zong was $150 and the slide was $45, but I ended up with both for $175 after tax. They threw in a couple of small extras also.
  16. im sorry but that joint on your bong is 18mm, but you have a 18-14mm bushing diffuser so your bowl size is 14mm
  17. What size keck clip do I need then?
  18. i thought about getting a zong, but the only one i've seen for sale is 3 feet tall, very thick, very heavy, and $1000cad
  19. They had all different sizes at the shop, including a 4' one with a slide that you could probably pack an 1/8th in.
  20. I've smoked out of a zong which looked pretty much exactly like that. Same exact design just different colors. The thing FUCKS you up bad. At least it did for me. Only time in my life I took one hit and felt it immediately. Almost coughed up a lung or two, but completely worth the head rush it gave me.
    Congrats and have fun man haha

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